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    buying summoning tank must be 80 summoningbuying summoning tank rsgp must be 79 summoning 1 prayer 70 defence is a bonus add my or post here [email protected] range/G maul hybrid. 87 range, 50 atk 72 strThis is a really good pker, hits a max of double 200s with a d bow. and can pk someone with 720 hp witha range/G maul rush. This account pked many, and now im ready to sell it. A/W: 25mil because i was offerd that. I will also do an account trade, i am looken for a range pure with 85 plus range, and lowest cb lvl as possible. If you want pics then ask for em.Buying Prayer Pure [RSGP]Hello All, I'm doing as it says on the title, I would like a skiller / pure account. Belongs it has no combat due to Attack Str def hp mage range I'm not fussed they must be all 1. I'm willing to pay a nice price. PM me or add me on [email protected] Thanks(Buy)[PP] Any decent skilling accountHey guys, I got a few extra bucks to spend on a skilling account. Looking to spend around $10-15 depending on items and stats. Please post here.Lvl 53 Blitz TWINS.Selling Twins, DT Done 82 Magic. Sexy Displays HUGE Potential to be d clawers, ddsers, etc. With only a couple days of work these accounts could be amazing pkers! Only Accepting RSGP atm, Paypal is limited. Unless someone wants to do WU, RSGP is however preferred. Current Bid: ?? A/W: ?? Noth accounts have email registered, will be straightened out during trade. Neither account has Recoveries. Both accounts are member until November 20th, 2011, only been member once, and only been used for 8 or so days. Neither account has been botted on.Selling mage pure 35 combatOk I'm new here and I wanna sell my account. Hes a 35 combat 10 constitution 67 mage with 53 smithing. Yeah yeah I know "1 post n00b GTFO we dont trust u" But I have no reason to scam I just want to get rid of this account make cash for membership so I thought I'd come here. Anyway if anyone is interested I accept paypal payment and you can ask any additional information that you want here.Baby Dungeoneering Pure!SELLING FOR RSGP ONLY If interested pm me or add my imoatuzi NEVER BEEN BANNED OR RESET ETC.F2P Pure51 combat with 40 attack 64 str 40 range and 31 pray Selling through paypal, cheap. If you need any additional information ask here.
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