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    Failed 85 mage 72 range 12 def AccountCan get rune gloves so not a complete fail accepting rsgp also. ALSO HAS MEMBERSHIP WITCH WILL BE THROWN IN FOR NOTHING.Selling lvl 52 str pure (f2p)Sup guys new to this site so greetings to all Im selling my lvl 52 str pure which is f2p (never was p2p so it took a while getting 73 str :/ I barely use this account, so i thought i might aswell sell it because i use my other pure which i need the money on . Im looking for about 3-7 m. If your up for it add my other account: D E F Q 0 N1 (note: its the number 0 not the letter) Couldnt upload pics due to difficulties :S although i will meet in game, and qc stats peaceBuying G Mauler [Paypal]hello im buying g mauler must have 50 attack, mithril gloves, 1 defence is a must i dont mind the prayer range, mage, str etc. i will buy for real money via paypal seller must me trusted, must comment on this thread so i know his history on here. and account must not have recovery's or email set, all past history should be given, i am willing to pay up to £15 thanks add [email protected] RANGED PURES!Yes,i'm buying RANGE pures for 10m 70 range.Buying a GOOD skiller! Paying up to $400!Ok keep in mind, all love you offers with 1x 99 skill will be reported as spam. I want a good skiller with multiple 99's and preferably everything 70+ at least. All trades will be done with the use of an OMM. I WANT A LEVEL 3 SKILLER! NOTHING ELSE!(Buying) Decent Account (RSGP)Right now have a 5M budget. Post if you have something in that area. Thanks.buying obby!!!buying obby mauler!! starting bid at 6m[20+ Vouches] Maxed G Maul Rusher |99 Strength| Dt Done| Pot To Blitz| ( 1 2)Account Comes with: 99 strength 2-3m bank Security of a seller with multiple accounts sold and for sale Willing to use OMM Willing to do recov test Buyer will also receive my personal cellphone number for any peril that may be experienced. RECOVS WILL BE REMOVED ON PURCHASE.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.