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    hybrid tank for sellI am paypal verified. 1 range/mage tank far from done but yet so close to it. combat stats 94 ranged,81 defence,76 magic,83 hp-93 f2p combat 1att,44prayer,33strengthRSGP] Selling amazing pure - 60 att/91 Str/1 def & more!Hello, I'm looking to sell my pure since I don't play much on it anymore. I am not in a hurry to sell it, tho the faster you buy it the more member days it has left for you. I am accepting RSGP or PayPal for it. I do currently not have a price set, so I'm taking offers. I've removed every valuable item from the bank of the account, since it's pretty pointless to leave that on it. Tho, if you are interested in some money(when paying with PayPal), I can provide that for the price of 1$/M(ONLY if you buy the account). Recovery's are set and will be given when we trade. Also included some passes I can remember and as much information as you want. Email will be deleted ofcourse. Screenshots: Stats/combat/quests: Notable stats/quests are in red. I've done most of the pre-quests for DT and I've (almost) all stat requirements for DT. There's been botted on the account, tho the last time I botted was a few months ago. Because as I already stated, I barely play anymore. If you're interested you can either PM me of post here. Please include your and offer. For vouches please check my signature. Either you will go first or I'm more happy to use an OMM on your fees. Thanks for reading.[RSGP]Account sale[RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)hello sythe I am jjayman07 I will only be accepting rsgp for these accounts Offer away any one attempting to scam can leave now you wont scam me Leave your under the topic as a post and your offer! any one not offering rsgp will get reported for spam i do NOT ACCEPT ACCOUNTS all accounts where made by me and i will provide all infomation [email protected] Accounts 1. no recovers no email 10days member. a skiller/starter pure all stats where quested Account 2. No recovers no email 25 days member. 14PRAY 80Combat 94strengh 94magic with veng rune pure! Account 3. 55prayer 80attack 85dung 92 herb 99 hunt korasi overloads ect. arcane stream bonecrusher tome of frost! 17days member sold. Account 4. 60attack 94 mage 87range Mega rare name! Account 5. 90 slayer overloads every chaotic item 2 firecapes 104 dung Amazing staker!Buying 94+ Mage accountHas to have atleast 94 mage and decent stats. Perfer to be lvl 60-95 Looking for TRUSTED people, don't really feel like buying an account to be hacked back. Thanks HIT ME UP.Selling 88cmb zerker (RSGP)Selling 88cmb zerker, greate stats. Have 106QP! Can wear dragon scimmy, pray book, avas device, zerker! On acc is TORSO,all 3 voids, r deffy, mage cape, pray book! No recs, no email! No offenses! Cheap, about [email protected]! we will use MM, or you will go first! ... [email protected] aaaaaaRuined pure lolhas 70 str 50 attack 70hp n 80 ranged with 44 prayer lvl 62 ruined it useing vesta's spear lol. 2 def... post offers 10m a/w[WU][PAYPAL]Buying GOOD F2P Range/2Her[RSGP][SWAPS][35+Vouches]REQUIREMENTS: 40 attack 70+ Strength THE RANGE LEVEL MUST BE EQUAL TO THE STRENGTH (COMBAT LEVEL WISE) Post offers. Only : [email protected] amazing init pure for VISA GIFTCARDAs you can see, it's fully quested with rune gloves and also has DT completed. I'm asking for a visa/american express gift card. Must be able to verify the balance, and preferably unactivated so I can put my own details in. Hoping to get $100 card, but will settle for no less than $75. Will use a MM, or you can go first.
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