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    Selling maxed 25 def pure, Fire cape included ( 1 2)LOOKING FOR around 50m-100m. RSGP Coins or Items only. Kid got my pass and cleaned my 85m but had dignity to leave it as a pure and leave the Firecape, it also has -No Recovs -Maxed 25 Def pure 60 att 99 str 99 range 87 hp 94 mage 45 pray 85/92 f2p/p2p cmb. Great skills such as 74 theiving and 99 hunter ect ! -Rare 3 letter name -DT done with 94 mage as you can see, Still have ring of visibility for ghostly -Firecape -Adamant gloves " Sorry no rune its old initiate pure, pc prod oldschool ftw " -99 hunter -good total level for a pure, good skilling stats -4/5 Star player house ;] with 67 construction -Combat ring -57 Summoning, 85 f2p combat, 92 p2p combat -52 runecraft + 57 summoning = nature rune crafting botting enabled -Runecrafting robes full set from the runecrafting guild, 1k tokens per piece -Full zamorak book -Mage Bank arena cape/spell -Willing to show ingame so I can quickchat stats/def level and show u the firecape ! = Jmain11 >>>Onlinehand cannon quests nearly finished. So I'll use the money to pay for turmoil and maybe extreme range pots. Looking for good offers. Also have swiftkit irc, post your irc nickname here and I will Pm you to discuss more or just post hereSelling F2P Rune Pure. (Paypal, RSGP)Hi guys, up for sale is a 100% legitly trained f2p rune pure at 64 Combat. This account has made me tons of money in DM's with fairly rich pures. This is account has never been a member. The account was made by me last summer, and was trained by me only. Almost all F2P quests have been completed including Dragon Slayer. Has some pretty good stats including 71 Mage, and 62 smithing. Also has a nice name for you xbox fans . I am taking RSGP or Paypal, so feel free to bump me with your offers . I am a fairly old member here and haven't posted in over a year. I will go first depending on how trusted you are, or I am fully willing to use an OMM of your choice as long as you pay him his due fees. Recoveries and Email address will be removed whenever someone buys. Thanks for looking! Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP] Amazing G Mauler! CB 70 - 97 STR - 80 HUNT - 33M [RSGP]Quick sale. Account specs - Combat 70 - 1 Defence - 97 Strength - 80 Hunter - 33M wealth - No e-mails/recoveries - Account has membership ACCEPTING RSGP ONLY. I REFUSE TO GO FIRST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is because of the two recent scam reports I have filed against Ini Pure Win and Ivan. A/W: 175M Cleaned: 145M Album (Click) Stats (Click) Wealth (Click) Lobby (Click) My vouches.Buying account - Under 45 Def with Barrow GlovesHey Looking for an account 45 or under defense with Barrows gloves, any other stats not too bothered! please post if you have one for sale with the money you want for it. Thanks99 Range 94 Mage 92 Strength [45 Defence] [Barrows Gloves] [VouchFromOMM/MarketMod]Only RSGP. Selling this account because I'm gunna make a skiller because in wildy you get pjed every 2 ******* seconds, and I doubt it'll get fixed Quote: Originally Posted by plznate Vouch for Gun123, we worked out a trade for pins for an acc. Nice guy. Vouch from a market mod/1k donator/OMM. The rest are in my profile If you're going to leave an offer please leave your or it'll be ignored... A/W 100M Bidding starts at 40M.Doing straight swap, your 1 defence pure for my MEAN ZERKER PURE.Right, basically i've had this account since Level 3 and it's my time to pass it on to a new owner, it's been my pride and joy since the day I made it, it's clearly beasty and I don't want no silly offers please, doing a straight swap for a beasty 1 Defence pure or swap + you add coins if it's not a 'fair' deal, the account will not include coins with it and YES THERE ARE RECOVERIES & AN EMAIL REGISTERED ON IT BUT I CAN REMOVE THEM AFTER WE HAVE COME TO SOME SORT OF ARRANGEMENT/DEAL. Pictures: Fire Cape, Torso, Defender, Barrow Gloves (Loads more Quest items in bank): Stats: Quests (Also done Lunar and loads of more difficult ones, too many to name): Got a question? Feel free to ASK! If you're not sure about going first i'd like to use OMM but you pay fees, thank you!{pp or RSGP}Selling level 90 staker{pp or RSGP}selling level 90 cb good stats offer away Paypal or RSGP decent bank Good stats 90 Combat Offer away please have fun thankyou and btw im not a scam i just joined cause i wanted to sell and buy accountsAMAZING RS STAKER/PKER, GREAT STATS [TRUSTED PRO QUESTER] RSGP or PAYPALPAYPAL OR RSGP I AM TRUSTED VIA QUESTING ALSO I AM STARTING CHEAP FIRE CAPEING AND SOUL WARS SERVICE, THIS ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER USED BY ME BECAUSE JAGEX LET ME BUY BACK MY LEVEL 138 ;[)! NO SCAM HERE JUST IN NEED OF CASH AND I GOT THIS ACCOUNT LEFT OVER.
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