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    Selling starter pure [99Wc] / Main [91dung + 2 chaotics + 3 gravites l 99mining!Selling these accounts because i do not use anymore Add my if interested a OMM / MM will be provided if you are not first / their is no set price just offer away You pay fees for the MM / OMM to recov check ect.. The email on this account will be changed to yours via the help with MM / OMM or by me (your choice) This account is also food for FDK87cmb godly statted zerker QUESTED!30m a/wSelling addy gloves pure! 60 atk, 79 str, 90 range,95 mageSelling pure with the following stats: Account has completed Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure and got addy gloves from Recipe for disaster. Please PM me with any offers or questions and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for looking .Selling 85 CMB 99 Ranged +94 Mage [ANCIENTS DONE] ( 1 2)Very good for pking with range and mage. Am looking for a decent ammount of GP considering its 99 Range and 94 Magic with 87 HP. Looking to sell very quickly as just got cleaned on my pure and need money to start training again etc. Before you look at pictures please read this. *ANY TRUSTED MEMBER I WILL GO FIRST* *IF YOUR NOT TRUSTED YOUR GOING FIRST SINCE ACC HAS NO RECOVERYS* Any questions about the account such as quests done etc or anything random PM me on here. Pictures: On now until 7PM if a bid is put in before then and i like the prize i will most likely sell peace.Obby Tank-99 Mining-Torso-Filled Zammy BookHey guys selling a nice obby tank here Looking for RSGP, although if you add my - [email protected] we could be able to come to other agreements Will not go first, i know i am a newcomer but that doesn't mean i have to risk my own account[Junk Giveaway] Guess the number to win! [/Luck] ( 1 2 3)I no longer require these accounts, And therefore as a good deed, I will be giving them away via Guess The Number. Quote: I do however have useful accounts for sale. [Paypal/RSGP] Frost Dragon Killer [Make 500K+ P/Hr] [Paypal/RSGP] Level 3 Skiller, Level 90 Mining [Make 400K+ P/Hr] The number I am thinking about is between 1 - 100. The FIRST person to guess the number gets all three accounts below! Who ever wins it, It's your choice to do what ever you want with them Rules Maximum of 2 Guesses per day. Account #1 Lobby Login Account #2 Lobby Login Account #3 Lobby LoginSELLING 20 DEF PURE-please take a lookHEY GUYS IM SELLING A 20 DEF PURE. ITS ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS THAT IM SELLING. I QUIT RUNESCAPE, I FOUND A JOB. I KNOW IM A NEWCOMER. SO IM WILLING TO USE OMM OF YOUR CHOICE YOU WILL PAY FEE'S RECOVERY TESTS WELCOME. THANK YOU. PM ME ON SYTHE. IF YOUR INTERESTED OR JUST REPLY TO THIS THREAD. LINK FOR ACCOUNT PICTURES: LET ME KNOW GUYS IF YOUR INTERESTED.Level 62 pure, low hp, good statsHey selling this pure, not looking for to much really stats - Bank - [email protected] - add this and be can come to a deal
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