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    [RS GP!] Selling 4 Pures of Various Levels! [RS GP!] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Let me start by saying I'm only accepting RS GP, so please only make offers in RS GP. Low-balling me isn't going to work out... I am in no rush to sell so I'm only inclined to accept reasonable offers. Posts on this thread should be accompanied by some offer in RS GP. Note: NONE ARE E-MAIL LOGINS, ALL USERNAME LOGINS! I know this section is 60-99, but I've included two other accounts out of this range to avoid having to clutter up other subsections with my threads. Account 1: Amazing pker, I am consolidating my money on one account and I traded over 4.1m in wilderness pks from this guy alone. He comes equipped for pking. 99 woodcut is also a great money maker Account 2: 81 strength really hurts at level 65. This guy is a great staker (Ive taken out 90+ with assistance from a strength pot and no armor/no food) Account 3: Basic prayer pure, not too high of a level but a great start, already has his first protect spell. Account 4: VERY close to 99 magic, would look amazing to be level 50 with a 99 mage cape. He is immaculate and can be adapted into many different pure roles. Currently lvl 48 Note: I will not be going first; I would encourage buyers to go first to facilitate a faster, safer trade. If my vouches are insufficient, I have no problem transacting through an official middle man, but costs incurred will be assumed by the buyer. Please also note that accounts with no bank picture are generally unequipped with runescape gp.[RSGP]Seling ranger/skiller with 2 99s, 92 range, 70cb[SWAPS]Willing to use a free MM or an OMM at your expense. Don't try to scam me, it won't work. If you're interested, please post your and your offer and I will add you.swapping great zerker for nice mainit does have recoveries/email set, i will give the buyer the information.[RSGP] Selling quested 86 runepure/91 Str [10+ vouches]Hey guys i'm selling my pure as i want money to stake on my main, and i want to just play my 1 defence pure this account is awesome at pking and pretty good at staking, it has done heaps of pure quests, Desert Treasure, monkey madness recipe for disaster up to addy gloves and can get rune without any extra defence exp, it has a 3 letter name and it is a great account overall, also has enough willow logs in bank to get 99 fm. Auto win 65m i will only be accepting rsgp. Stats Combat Questpoints[Selling]Turmoil Pure|99 skills|Cheap[Paypal]Hello I am selling my starter turmoil pure. Selling for cheap. Uploaded with : [email protected] A/W:40$ I will sell for cheap so post offers. 40$ is the most I will take though.Moved: Selling TURMOIL 103 Cmb 45 def 99 Mage/Rng 96 str Firecape! Going FirstSELLING THIS AMAZING ACCOUNT I KNOW I DON'T POST MUCH BUT IM NOT HERE TO SCAM IVE BEEN A MEMBER FOR A LONG TIME I WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS. ADD MY [email protected] Has no recoveries/email so post here and i will add you thanks. OFFER a/w for rsgp is 100m FOR TURMOIL RSGP ONLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY POST BELOW OR ADD MELvl 81 Zerker| Quested | Barrow Gloves| Great Starter! [PayPal] ( 1 2)Selling this great starter zerker, has barrow gloves, almost handcannon just needs quest skill requirements! A/W: $15 If interested, Add my [email protected] Quests:Selling Level 84 Rune, Zerker, Granite Pure!Hi all. I am selling this account for strictly RSGP because I need money for my main. - This account is about 3 years old - I will give all information - No recoveries ever used on this account - Email will be removed as soon as I have a buyer - Feel free to PM me for information - Vouches are attached below - I will not go first unless you are very trusted Pics posted here:
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