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    ZerkerHello, Im new here What im selling is a level 89 zerker. 60 attack 95 str 45def (fully quested) 99 range. 94 Hp Low mage 44 prayer. (the Account Is atm a f2p range 2h Build But will small amount of work can become a strong members zerker) The account has full void meele and range and fighter torso with rune defender.Trading level 98 range tank with 96 range for GP!Selling range tanker for RSGP Post offers here for add me at [email protected] Trusted seller on Zerker, 89 attack 93 strength, 45 def, vengeance, 99 mining, 92 hunterHello everybody. I am selling my perfect rune pure. He only has rune gloves, but has never trained defense other than through the quests needed for barrow gloves. Yeah, the names ak 47 dank. IDGAF im not removing it. Combat proof Login (Recovs/email will be removed) Stats Vengeance I never, ever, play this account. I have an amazing staker I am currently working on. As a result, only runescape gp will be accepted for this account. Thanks, have a good one.Quickk's Account Shop! Accounts with mem! Cheap Negotiable Prices! RSGP/Paypal/WU/PAHi, I'm starting up my own account shop! I'm trying to become trusted in the sythe community! I'm planning to open some free services such as questing and skilling services as well, so keep your eyes open for my posts! Well anyway, here are my accounts for sale! I Will go first to trusted users, and of course use an OMM if requested! MY : [email protected] (If accounts have recoveries/email r, they will be either removed, or the info will be given to the buyer, whatever you choose) All accounts can be sold for RSGP, or payments via: Paypal, WU, PA. I only accept paypal payments from trusted members, thanks! Account 1: 98cb Main, 99 WC, 99 Thieving, 97 Mining, DT + Heroes done. AW 50M/$25 Gold4Rs offered $25.. Account 2: 3cb Skiller with 95 wc. AW 15M/ $7.50 Account 3: 81cb main with DT Done. AW 20M/$10.00 Account 4: 57cb pure hybrid with DT and MM done + 75 WC. AW 20M/$10.00 I'm also selling my 77cb with 37 def, 70 att, 75 str, well skilled, well quested. Contact me for pics + info! Once more, my : [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My vouches thus far: Quote: Originally Posted by antonacci Vouch for Quickk! I gave him my runescape account for his WoW account and he went first! It was nice and quick... How ironic o_O Quote: Originally Posted by Louis2201 Lime vouch for Quickk, bought an upgrade off of me and was patient enough thru the whole process, smooth trade ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Vouch for Quickk , sold him 13M thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Kit In Vouch for Quickk, sold him 20m with no problems. Was very nice. Quote: Originally Posted by Kit In Vouch for Quickk once again. Sold 12m through PP, he went first, Awesome guy. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis2201 another vouch for Quickk, had to let him wait (again>.7 and just get annoyed of it. So I'm giving up on runescape. The account 61Attack-Sorry I forgot one of the quests gets you attack xp 80str 80range 52prayer 55mage-LOL I've always hated training mage sorry guys. 70hp 1def Quests Monkey Madness Lost City Animal Magnetism Horror from the deep Price-$15-(Negotiable) Pictures Either post on here, private message, or add my - [email protected] Feel free to ask questions.[RSGP] Selling starter zerker pure! [RSGP]I am currently selling a zerker pure. My is [email protected] Message me on here, send me an email, or IM me through live to contact me. I do not have a specific autowin price. The account has a combat of 75, with 60 attack, 71 str, 65 hp, 45 def(quested), and 43 prayer. Quests: -Dragon Slayer -Monkey Madness -Death Plateau -Waterfall Quest -Priest in Peril -The Fremennik Trials -Horror from the Deep -Creature of Fenkenstrain(Can get to experiments) -It has not did Heroes' Quest, but it will not level defense from doing it. It has up to a rune defender, a Saradomin book, and a clue scroll. Also the account is very old and may be able to get a veteran cape. If it cannot, it is close. The Email will be removed as I sell it.(rsgp) starter g maul 88 str, 99 wc, (Rsgp)hey guys this is my starter g maul pure, with 43 atack, 99 wood cut, 88 str, 31 pray, 1 def im looking for rsgp only.
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