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    Buying Good Turmoil Pure or 1 def Pureim looking for a turmoil pure or a 1 def pure and i can pay up to 200m but you MUST be trusted... if your not trusted dont even bother posting on this threadMaxxed 20 def pure [[88 DUNG!]] C maul [[99 att/str]]Title says it. It's a near maxxed 20 def pure. Stats are.. 99 Attack 99 Strength 20 Defence 97 Hp 99 Mage 94 Range 88 Dung 55 Prayer Has Rune Gloves, DT done. All quests needed. Only thing left to do on this pure is PVP. Starting bid is: 60M No Set A/W atm. Uploaded with[Member Since Early 09] Selling 91Range/94 Mage Void HCer *CHEAP RSGP*Hey everyone I've had this account for a while (I'm original owner) and I've found that I've gotten bored of it + plus it ran out of membership so I'm selling it to fund my new turm pure. The account just needs crafting to get vengeance and it has the void set, but not much other wealth. Great for PKing! Message me here on sythe or add me on (axel.ragnarsson)50Prayer/60Str/40Attk/40DefIm selling a combat ready account that includes 50 Prayer (for overheads) and 60 str and enough attk and defence to weild rune. I WILL go first to a TRUSTED sythe member otherwise I will have to ask you to go first. Paypal only and just give me an honest offer because I have no set price atm! 50Prayer/60Str/40Attk/40DefSelling 3 pures (1 Def)!My low level f2p pker. Very easy + simple. Very cheap. My medium level f2p pker. Also easy and cheap. THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SOLD. My favorite P2P pker. Has one month membership left! Perks: High strength, magic, and dungeoneering! He has desert treasure finished with access to ancient magicks! Not so cheap :p If you are interested post here with your . I want these to go very smooth.Selling lvl88 zerker - Void,Fire cape,Defender, 10m,94mageHello, basically trying to get rid of my account, since ive quit rs - just staked everything i had since i wanted to quit, theres about 10mil in the bank acc does have recoverys ,ill remove them right after i find a buyer OMM will be used ;[email protected] if interested.buying custom account 250$pm me if ur interested.Buying Any account With Turmoil!Hey guys I'm looking to buy absolutely any account as long as it has turmoil. I dint care about it's other stats at all! Im looking to swap my Maxed range tank and/or my 99 construction skiller. I will also throw in rsgp. If you want me to go first, u MUST have vouches, otherwise you will be going first or we will be using an OMM Thanks guys!!
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