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    [PAYPAL/RSGP]EPIC LVL 77! 99str/95mage/2def/45pray! MM & DT[NO SWAPS]Title and pics say it all Account also has a rare name. Also has a nice rank in BH (which stays there forever) And a nice rank in FOG. A/W: $100/110M Will use a MM or you first Will verify account in-game Taking all offers! PAYPAL OR RSGP ONLY : [email protected] This Maxed 136 Account For Pure|1800+|Turmoil|Imbued Rings|Ardy Cloak 3 ( 1 2)Hey guys im trading my level 136 for a low defence pure only 1-5 def required 75+ range 80+ mage 75+ str 1-52 pray dt done 40-60 attack note i will accept any account with 1-5 defence with 94 magic and dt completed. i am the orginal owner of the account, i can provide all the info pics: post below99 fishing 89 cooking w/classic and vet capeSelling my oldest runescape account (2004) For rsgp Currently has over 17mill fishing xp. The recoveries are from 2006, I would delete them but I have no idea what they are and dont want to wait 14 days to set new ones just to delete them. Rsgp only Bid starts at 4mill highest bid wins I will also consider trading for another skiller with a 99 or a pureSelling 90 cb account dt&mm doneIt has the stats that you can see. Contact me in messenger:[email protected] Could be a good account to start building main on. Im selling it because I have much higter level account that Im using.Selling beast Pure [60 Attack 99 strength]!hey guys, been lurking for a while and finally here to make my first trade. i know im just new, so would split a MM or we can arrange something. ONLY TAKING RSGP please post below with an offer, looking for 30-40m A/W not sure how to remove the email/recoveries now as im just back after a few months and no idea how to remove now they updated the system. has 1 month membership, not much gp. done some quests including monkey madness.[Chaotic Maul]Selling initiate pureSelling this acc because im starting again it has almost no bank on it which is why theres no pic the bank consists of random love you, 91 extreme str, 56 extreme att and 50 recover special pots has chaotic maul and rune gloves + another 27k dung tokens has no black marks at all and i can give every single detail of the account to the buyer, it still has 10 days of members left. (has recoveries, email and bank pin all of which will be removed once i find a suitable buyer.) Account will be sold for rsgp or paypal NOTHING ELSE Stats Quests Bid away[Grand Master]Selling Rich 1 Defence Pure![Paypal][Mail]Hey guys, I've gotten tired of Runescape, and have decided to sell my very personal pure. I'm the original owner, and I have all the info you need, even though, there is no email nor recoveries assigned. The pure has all the pure quests done, MM, Lost city, desert treasure, addy gloves, full unholy book, ghostly robes, mage arena, and watchtower The pure comes with a 2m bank, with all the stuff you need to pk as well (So the bank is like 2m total, if you add all the various items. I'm looking for a trusted buyer, and I'm not going first. The payment is required to be sent from a verified bank funded Paypal account, and I require to recieve a decent amount of personal information prior to the transaction, so I in-case of a charge-back, can take legal action. Any requests regarding swaps, me going first, or people who are no where near trusted posting, will be considered spam. I will not be add-able on as of now, but will of course deal with the winning bidder on .Buying a Chaotic Pure with 99 Strength and fairly low HPTitle says it all really. It should have 1 or 13 prayer too. Contact me on: [email protected]
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