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    [PAYPAL] combat level 99 18$CHANGED THE PRICE TO 14$ I'm going to sell my account because I havn't played on this account for years. The account is over 5 years old so you have access to the new cape. I will give you all details you need, recoverys, old passwords etc. Post here before you add my . [email protected] stakers,mains. All the accounts are almost cleaned if you want to be rich buy some gp from trusted gp sellers then. I'm accepting Bank Transfer,RSGP,Mail,Meet IRl. ( I live in Belgium) I'd like to use OMM in every single trade. I'm not going first. : [email protected] I don't have autowins for any accounts so just offer. account #1: lvl 137, 1992 total, 272 qp awesome main, overloads! account #2: lvl 134 awesome main 2080 total! account #3: lvl 113 barrows pure! account #4: lvl 81 perfect pker!! account #5: lvl 78 resetted main (about 6 months ago resetted) got b gloves, veng! 202 qp! account #6: perfect staking acc/pking, 94mage, 90 mining! account #7: perfect lvl 94 rune pure, rune gloves, 99str! 93mage! vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by DEADxxTHUG BIg vouch for kadhafi hope he stays in power Quote: Originally Posted by Andypee vouch, bought lvl 69 staker fast easy transaction Quote: Originally Posted by BrinGA Vouch for Kadhafi, Bought a zerker off him, i went first. Quote: Originally Posted by ibuyg0ld vouch vOuCh VOUCH, extremly big vouch. sold me his lvl133 and was extremly patient. i would recomend him to anyone. very trusted now.Selling maxed 1 def 60 attack pure ( 1 2)sold - close97 Strength Claws Rusher, 76cb , 86 Range, Cheap, Mem till June 15!!!!Hey guys , I am selling this pure as you can see. The membership is until June 15 because I added some more but I didn't update the picture. Its combat level is 76. The bank is about like 300k. The email will be removed once a buyer is found . UPDATE: ACCOUNT HAS 97 STRENGTH AND 87 RANGE. This account is a great claws rusher because it is very near 99 strength.Selling a beast staker [RAPIER] Quick&Easy Please!Selling this amazing savage of a staker. Have won over 5b on this account. Reason for selling, I'm basically cleaned and I need money to finish my turmoil account. Please NO LOWBALLERS Offer Away. P.S. My is under the screenshot! =) : [email protected] mining, 94mage - 1 def pure, firecape, MM+DT DoneAuto / Win => 40m rsgp My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ feeds Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 94 magic 3. Gots fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed[rsgp]rapier And Cls Staker - 87 Dung - 80 Att 87 Str 80 Def With 91 Hp - 1 Pray/sumThis staker is the ultimate combo. Use the Rapier for first, fast hits and CLS for the final blow. Hits a lot. You'll make millions with it, I'm sure of that. C/O: 80M A/W: Highest. RSGP offers only! To buy, add [email protected] in . We use MM to do the trade.SELLING PURE LVL 60 8-9mill RSGP!!!THIS IS A GREAT ACCOUNT WITH LVL 70 WC 64 CRAFTING 50 RANGE 62 MAGE 44PRAYER ILL SELL FOR RSGP OR PAY PAL
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