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    Selling level 77 pureLevel 77. No recoveries or email with the account. Will go first to trusted or we will use a mm at your expense. Taking offers currently email [email protected] ACCOUNT OFFERING 175$ [PayPal] Have a look InsideStats im looking for: 99STR,99range,99mage or 94, 95PRAYER, 45-65 def, 95+HP and 80 att or higher. Must have atleast dragon gloves. I will be only accepting trades with trusted people cant trust anyone no more..... If i deem you not trusted enough we will be using an OMM and i will want you to provide a recovery test. I have 175. add me [email protected][RSGP/SWAP]Belgian Flag's Account Shop![RSGP/SWAP] ( 1 2)Hello Guys! It's Me , Belgian Flag. I'm Selling Some Accounts ! Let's Take Some Pics ;] First Account. This Acc Used To Be Pure , But can used as Ini Pure - Zerker Pure. Some Good Points: -DT Done - RFD Done - Addy Gloves -6M Wealth on it. -69 Range - 74 Mage -31 ( Low ) Prayer __________________________________________________ _______________ Second Account. This Acc Used To A Barrows Pure - Tanker Some Good Points: -227 QP ( Included : DT - MM - All Quest You NEED ) -1M Wealth on it ( Bgloves etc. ) -99 Fletching -92 Str - 94 Range - 86 Mage __________________________________________________ _______________ Third Account. SOLD THIS ACC TO : Mr Crack ![Rsgp][PP]87clvl Boxer!Yo so i'm train this boxer a lot of time and staking with this acc,but i got better account from friend so i sell this one.DONT GO FIRST Payments : Paypal - A/W 40$ Rsgp - A/W 60m -- [email protected][RSGP/PayPal] Selling Beserker Potential 60 ATT | 93 STR | DT MMHey im selling my beserker potenital with addy gloves ect. Account has basicly no wealth. PayPal or Rsgp a/w : $50/50m rsgp * I will not go first under any circumstance. * MM or OMM can be used, fees paid by you. : [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usBUYING MAXED TURMOIL ZERK BARROWS GLOVES [paypal]I will only be buying off trusted members. Levels im looking for 45def 99str 99att or lower 99range 99magic or 94 95+hp Will give good offer add me [email protected]! VOUCHES:sythe/showthread.php?t=1055061Selling amazing 1 def staker : 60 90 1 , 1 pray/def/summonSelling this amazing staker. MM and lost city done! Buyer goes first or use OMM(buyer pay fees)! : [email protected] im looking for about 35m rsgp or 35$ trought PayPal! e-mail will be removed. stats:Almost maxed Zerker Cmb lvl 97 [RSGP]Hello i have an Zerker Pure for sale and im the orignal owner i pretty much got hacked by key logger. I will not go first. You will. I got scammed to much. Selling for 50m+ A/W 100M+ I might take paypal, matter on offer. :[email protected] Give me yours mssg me. Here are the screen shots: Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1061546
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