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    [ RSGP ] Buying: Staker with 95+ [Range/Melee]Hey. Its Geezus here. I dont post much as you, only mainly post when buying/selling. I wont go first. We can do an OMM which you will pay for. Or ou give me the details first. There must be no recovs or any e-mails set on the account. I'm not going over 60m. If you have 80+ Dung I wont go over 60m. If not then I'm not going over 50m. Stats I want - Strength: 99 Attack: 70 or 80 Defence: 70 or 80 Constitution: 90+ Prayer: 1 or 94+ Ranged: 95+ Mage: 95+ Dungeoneering: 80+ ( Wont go over 60m without dung ) PM' me or add my [email protected] because I will only check this one a day; my is on all day. I will be accepting all offers till the end of April. So there is plenty of time to build up the odd stat. EDIT: Could a mod change the thread name to [ RSGP ] Buying: Staker with 95+ Range/Mage[ Giving Away Free Maxed Handcannoner Whit Turmoil! - Prossy Pure! ]Giving away. My mate gave me, I dont want it. Selling takes to long, and whit scammers etc. I will give the one who is the nicest, etc. I have another main level 137, I wanna continue on that one. Recovery's + E-mail deleted on this acc. -- [email protected] level 90, 25 defence godsword pure. 76 attack, 99 str, 99 magic, 87 rangeThis account has all the quests a initiate pure needs done. It has rune gloves, dt finished, initiate armor, accumulator. If you are interested in buying this account please add my so we can talk : [email protected] I will be using a middle man unless you go first. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. a/w:80mil99str/99mage/99ranged/95hp/80attak/52prayQUESTS FINISHED: Animal Magnetism Big Chompy Bird Hunting Biohazard Cook's Assistant Death Plateau Demon Slayer Desert Treasure Dig Site Dragon Slayer Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Ernest the Chicken Family Crest Fishing Contest Gertrude's Cat Goblin Diplomacy Gunnar's Ground Heroes' Quest Horror from the Deep Jungle Potion Lost CityLunar Diplomacy Merlin's Crystal Monkey Madness Murder Mystery Nature Spirit Plague City Priest in Peril Prince Ali Rescue Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei Recipe for Disaster: Dwarf Recipe for Disaster: Evil Dave Recipe for Disaster: Goblin Generals Recipe for Disaster: Lumbridge Sage Recipe for Disaster: Pirate Pete Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze Recipe for Disaster: Skrach Recipe for Disaster: Starting Out Rune Mysteries Shadow of the Storm Shield of Arrav Shilo Village Temple of Ikov The Feud The Fremennik Trials The Golem The Grand Tree The Restless Ghost The Tourist Trap Tree Gnome Village Troll Stronghold Underground Pass Unstable Foundations Vampire Slayer Waterfall Quest Witch's House I am not playing runescape anymore and i would like to sell my runescape account with 30m in items for a good price you go first i only do western union .For the people who live in london we can meet and ill exchange al the information and you pay me by cash .i dont want any rsgp, if you want to use OMM you pay fee's, dont bother trying fake imposters i will always check and ask for pm' for more questions: [email protected][RSGP]Sell lvl 61 Pure[RSGP]Hello people! I have a pure account for sale because I never play on it anymore. Pures are bored to me and im more of a skiller It has no recov, email and no pin. All I want is RSGP OR a skiller with a minimum of 1/2 99 skills. (no commin, ex. Agility) if you wish to pay with RSGP, A/W is 15m or bids from 10m! It also has member credits untill 27of March. I WILL NOT GO FIRST! You pay for OMM fees cuz I dont got paypal (lol) You can trust me or you can not, if you dont trust dont look any further! Here are the pictures Hope this is more than enough If you need more, just PM me! Add me on or PM me if you want to buy/bid! : [email protected] Dont got any vouches yet but I have bought a upgrade from mmm_donuts, you can check his post Hope to hear from you guys soon!![RSGP] MAXED Pure 2 Def 60attack MONESTER PKER...........Great account[RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey people im selling my MAXED pure for RSGPs, take a look at the pics add me on me on and hopefully we can sort out a good deal. Links if you cant see the pics for any reason Combat f2p is level 79, p2p Level 88 (due to summoning) My is [email protected] (DO NOT ADD ME UNLESS YOU HAVE POSTED ON THE THREAD FIRST) Also people no Dum offers or spamming the thread i will report you, and despite the post count etc, im not some dum kid i know how account selling works i have dealt on powerbot and playerup, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES AM I GOING FIRST IN THE TRANSACTION FULL STOP. Also the account has never been botted, or anything like that i have trained up those skills personally and you see that via the adventure log show the ridiculous hours i have put in to making this pure, (2360 hours to be exact) Also the account comes with 1m worth of pking equitment already onit, and i dont mind meeting in any serious buyer in game to confirm i own the account. Thank you AND good luck biding Current Highest.... A/W...... P.S--recoverys and email will be deleted when i receive a serious offer from a buyerStoofJE's Account sale [RSGP]I found a piece of paper last week that had some OLD account of mine. I am looking to sell them for RSGP only. I know i have low post's that means i don't spam, i browse the forums ALOT. So don't think i will fall for any scams, i am just here to sell these. I won't go first, you go first or get MM, i am perfectly fine with a MM. Account #1 Main, 104+3 (has never switched name) 15m a/w Account #2 Skiller/Pure, 44cb (Changed name has to do with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 5m a/w Account #3 VERY old account, 55cb (original name) 3m a/w Account#4 Mystic Mage, 44cb (original name) 2m a/w[BUYING] ranged account [BUYING]buying a ranged account must have atleast 90+ ranged dont care about the rest of the stats can be a pure,main,zerker w/e ill give you this 97 main sythe/showthread.php?t=1048279 plus 5m rsgp add me if interested:[email protected]
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