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    [PayPal / RSGP] Fully Quested Level 76 Pure! [MM / Recov Check]A/w: $70 / 130M RSGP MM will be used, if you want OMM you must pay fees. No recoveries, your email will be set from the recovery check.75 cmb || 2 99's, almost 3! ( 1 2 3)Hello! Today I have for sale my account, its 75cmb lvl, no black marks, no recover questions, no longer registred e-mail, around 500k till 99 hunter lvl, no money but with 99 wc you will do verry quick milions! I will not going first, after payment i will send you account details like nickname, passowrd, date of create, members pin etc. If you are interesed, please leave your price in my topic, and write to me on : [email protected] Here's some screens: bank: blackmarks: stats:Epic Acc> Lvl 86 99 Herb Mage And CookTITLE SAYS ALL. COMBAT: STATS: BANK AND INVINTORY: LOG IN: EMAIL WILL BE REMOVED. offer in rsgp plz.(PAYPAL) BUYING PURE STR ASAP (see details)Hey guys im buying a pure str. There are not many requirements besides these few Requirements: 60 or below attack 60 or higher str 10 or lower defence I realize i am new to sythe but i will not go first. To show you im trusted i can show you my account which has 100 good feedbacks and those are all throu paypal transactions. Post below some offers and your email. I really want to buy it tonite so stay tuned! PM me also with some offers. My email [email protected][RSGP] 64 CB 1 Def Pure - 60 Attack 70 Strength, 99 Magic Fletching and Firemaking ( 1 2)Hey Sythe, back again with another pure. Looking to sell it for RSGP. It has a registered email but will be re-registered to the requested address on purchase of the account. All information will be provided with the account, and there will be no secrets, however, the account has never had recoveries so it is basically guaranteed yours on sale. I have this great starter pure, level 64 CB, 60 attack, 70 strength, 1 defense and prayer, with three 99's (Mage Fletch FM). The account will come stripped, but has decent skilling stats to make money; WC Mining and Fishing (Unless you intend on funding it from a main). If you are in fact serious about purchasing it, please post and I will PM you my contact information. Don't waste my time, best reasonable offer wins this great account.Help! Please Will Pay Rsgp! 20m!hey guys, my account got locked and when i push the button " Recover Locked Account" ,i recover it everything goes smooth , i get a mail to my Messenger, And then I click on the link , and it says new pass? wtf i want to unlock my acc! the 1 to help me gets 15m reward. add me at [email protected] or post here or PM ME! thanks please , hurry up. I Know this is the wrong thread, but i need help fast.(18+ vouches) SELLING LVL 66 F2P LEGEND (SWAPS)Sold~!Selling Zerker with 80 Dung!82 cmb!(SWAP/RSGP)Yeah STarting Bid is 30m, as only the tokens are worth that much A/W 80m Uploaded with Uploaded with
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