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    [42vouchs] selling pure 80atk 94 str 1def nd pray 80dung [cmaul]gave to punkerpunk[BUY] Hand cannon pure or Korasi pure [RSGP]i am buying a hand cannon pure or a korasi pure, but i will take other accounts if they have a 99 or 2. Add my below or post below! We will use a OMM or MM during this trade! I WOULD REALLY WANT A AGS PURE ALSO![maxed]trading Maxed Pure|99hp|99str|99range|99mage|high Total| For Turm Pure[maxed1. I will only trade with who I deem trusted. If you are questioning whether I would trust you, then I probably won't trade with you. 2. I am looking for any account with turmoil, and similar combat stats. 3. I will not sell for RSGP, unless you have an exceptional offer. 4. Recoveries will be deleted upon decision to sell. I skill on this account everyday, so stats will go up. Account has DT done, MM done, RFD with addy gloves. The account will not come with any valueable items. I have all skill capes for my 99's, and a fully zammy book. Their are no infractions on the account. Pics will be sent according to offers only. If you feel the urge to offer me anything besides for what I asked then go ahead, but I am only interested in pures. I don't care if you offer me zezima's account. Well. Maybe for zezima's account... I AM IN NO RUSH TO SELL THIS ACCOUNT, SO IF YOU ARE NOT HIGHLY TRUSTED, I WILL NOT NOT NOT TRADE WITH YOU!Selling Lvl 63 Ddsing Pure [last Login 557 Days Ago]sold!Looking To Buy A Pure ( 1 2)Thread was gravedigged, don't need anymore.Selling Nat/Blood/Death 99 rc Fully Will go first looking for rsgp offers[PayPal] Selling great level 76 1 defense pure - 99 mage and more!Since I am no longer playing this game, I figured I might as well sell this account and get some cash out of it. The account is a 1 defense pure, with great stats and a decent sized bank of about 40m. It has all pure quests done including DT, MM, and has a full Unholy Book. Stats: Uploaded with Bank: Uploaded with Login: Uploaded with Offences: Uploaded with Unfortunately, it is now impossible to remove recovery questions and I aware that some people feel unsafe because of this, but I assure you I will prove a FULL text document upon purchase to the new owner. This includes EVERY single detail about the account, recovery questions, past passwords, and more. If you still feel unsafe, you can provide a recovery test at your expense. I will be removing the Email once a buyer is found. The accounts membership has expired. Also, you will go first or if you prefer we can use a MM at your expense also. Serious buyers only, don't waste my time. No A/W at the moment, so post offers and/or contact info and I will add you if you are serious about buying. Thanks![90+ Vouches]Buying Turmoil Zerker[$7k+ Traded]Hi all! I am buying a turmoil zerker via pp, gp, or a account swap. No budget, just post what you've got. MUST be quite trusted or i'm not buying your account. You first or OMM, your fee's. Thanks!
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