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    Selling 2 Decent Mains. Rsgp/Cash offers onlyAccount 1 I have had this account for a number of years now. Never really used it, was a decent PVP, could definantly be a lot better. 138 Quest points (Btw I think all those books have all the pages) No Set price - will discuss at end of post Account 2 This could be for a Bob Marely/Rhastafari people. Unique name along those lines (will not reveal until we talk turkey) Very old account, never really played that much. Has a Rubber Chicken. No set Price - See bottem I Will remove recovery questions aswell, and I will change the email to anything you request, if you do purchase an account. Reputation doesn't mean love you to me. Nor do Vouches/posts. Either you go first or we use OMM. Do not bother adding my , Post a serious offer in RsGp, or AmURICA MONEY. , or if any questions about the accounts please feel free to ask.[free]66 Range 90 Hp Staker!!!user:[email protected] pass:freeaccbuying good mage luring accountlooking for a good mage luring account must has dt done... me if you have a good account that you would deem good for luring.. [email protected] 83, 99 mage 25 def firecapeSTATS: 83 cb, 75 att 82 str 25 def 77 hp 75 range 52 pray 99 mage ITEMS: Firecape, Rune gloves, 99 mage capes, ghostlys QUESTS: RFD for rune gloves, Desert Treasure, MM, , all dragon weps and be wielded, idk im not gonna go through it all, it has all the pure quests done. i can show anyone the acc in game, im selling it for 40M gp. the price is not at all negotiable, cash only, we can use a MM, but if we dont use an MM you go first, ive done this many times, and ive seen it all. the account has recovery question and my email is registered to it, so all that can be personalized to you. PM me for [RSGP]..::purePkingRS's Acccount Sale::..[RSGP]WELCOME! I don't know why the centering on the thread got messed up but sorry about that. The accounts below are all mine(I am original owner) The accounts have recov's which I will provide during trasaction I do NOT accept Swaping of accounts or Via Paypal so please don't ask. I will go first to Trusted Sythe members(Example: Donators, 50+ vouches etc.) I will provide recov test upon request. There are A/w but I will sell lower then the A/w depending on bids. Not much else to say other then Happy bidding! Account #1 (A/w 5m) Account #2 (A/w 5m) Account #3-Sold to Syren Bombs Account #4 (A/w 5m) Account #5 (A/w 5m) Account #6 (A/w ?) Quote: Originally Posted by Syren Bombs Bought his account for him, he went first. Legit trader. : [email protected] - Stake4Gp's Frost Dragon Bot Shop - RSGPStake4Gp's Account shop Notice all frost accounts come with a rapier, and are done the Dwarf cannon quest. Rules + Info 1. I will not go first. 2. Please do not spam the thread. 3. Please PM me your /. 4. Please fill out form before posting. 5. No offers under the starting bid. 6. I will use a middle man if needed. Account 1 Comes with 85 dungeon + a rapier. Comes with 52 summoning. Comes with enough charms for 67 summoning. Comes with 15 effigies. Starting bid: 40m. Asking price: Not set. Account 2 Comes with 85 dungeon + a rapier. It is 1 summoning. (you can easily get enough charms for 40 over night) Starting bid: 25m Asking price: Not set.Selling a level 72 Pure - 96 Magic - 99 Woodcutting - 99 Cooking - 93 FishingHello Guys im selling this account , as im making a new pure so I want to get rid of it ASAP , So if your intrested in it just offer These are the Stats This is the Bank Emails/Recovs Email and Recovs will be changed to yours on purchase , Will set a A/W Later.Chaotic Maul, Chaotic Rapier, Ring Of Vigour, Almost Maxed 1 Def!! Rsgp Only!! Look!!Hello Sythe, Im Selling My Almost Maxed Chaotic Pure For Some Rsgp, I Currently Have A Maxed Out Main And I Need Some Cash For Turmoil So Im Selling My Pure These Are Its Stats 88 Dung (chaotic Rapier, Chaotic Maul, Ring Of Vigour) *20k Till 89* 80 Attack 99 Strength 94 Magic 99 Range 97 Hp 2 Defence I Am The Original Owner Of The Account , The Account Has No Recovories , Just An Email Set Up (my Email) In Which I Will Remove If I Get A Good Offer We Can Meet Up In Game If You Would Like To, And I Can Show You The Account, The Way I Would Like To Trade Is 50/50. We Can Talk More Via Or Sythe Pm. Add Me And Happy Bidding
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