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    [rsgp] [99wc][99fish][99fletch][98agility][rsgp]Stat's are listed below, buyer go's first. Fully Quested Ini-Pure|80 dung,rapier|92str|94mage|RSGP|Attention: NOW HAS ARCANE STREAM ASWELL! Hello sythe. Selling my fully quested ini pure. Has rune gloves + dagon hai quest done, def was fully quested. Comes with 78 dung and all the tokens with it. Only 300k exp until 80. Almost has 80 att which will be ideal for the rapier or maul. Please post email when you offer. Starting bid: 25m A/W: 85-100m (will probably sell lower) Pictures:RSGP - Beasted zerker - Quisted - Awesome Stats - Veng/Dt - Combat 93READ BEFORE DO ANYTHING PLEASE! - Willing to go first to Trustworthy members , Must have more vouches than me + $$$ or M done. - I prefer OMM wich you are willing to pay fees since i can't - Account is ownage @ PK combat 93! Startbid : 20M A/W = .....Maxed 99 Mage/ 94 Range / 99 Fishing/ Fire Cape! LOOK! ( 1 2)iGift's Pure Fire Cape 99 Mage 99 Fishing ***UPDATE*** 74 str and 58M cash. 95 RANGE! : [email protected] A/W: $105 USD [OR] 120M RSGPSelling great pure!hey guys im selling a great pure you can click the links below to see its stats/bank ect it can get 80 strength without getting combat and as many mage levels as you want Post here or messege me on sythe please !!!!! I PROMISE ALL RECOVS AND EMAIL WILL BE CANCELLED! you have my absolute word ive started on my main again as im starting a utube series of botting[RSGP] Nice pure, 69 combat. [94 mage, dt.]This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:[Paypal][RSGP]20 Def Pure! 82 Mage, 80 strength, DT Done + Will have 5yr cape capeSorry for the grainy pic This acc will have the 5 year cape VERY soon. I have the grim reaper hood as of now. The reason I am selling this acc is because I leveled up to 60 attack before I did MM. This account will still make a great 70/75/80 attack pker. A/W: 15m Starting bid: 8m : [email protected] I WILL GO FIRST IF YOU ARE TRUSTED, OTHERWISE WE USE MM (YOU PAY FEES)selling level 76 zerker pure quested (37 def )most of my stats on it have been reset im only accepting rsgp sorry i have no a/w set so offer as you will
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