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    buying 90+ strength 1 def pure ( 1 2)i am looking to buy an account with 90+ strength pure with 1 defence! pm me if interested in selling me one or reply to this thread payng with rsgp or mems pins or both.Buying a PureHi there, I'm buying a pure that isn't already maxed out, as I'd like to put some work into it myself. I want something that is basic to use on f2p pking, as I'm really new to pking (skilling/pvm on all my other accounts). Make some offers, or add me on ([email protected]) Thanks.Zerker, 97+4 (30m RSGP)Sorry Lagged N Posted 3 By Accident. Look At Newest OneZerker, 97+4 (30m RSGP)107 quest points. Rune gloves from Recipe for Disaster. full Zammy Unholy Book. Has VETERANS CAPE. it has 85 attack 92 strength 48 defence, 70 range, 52 prayer, 94magic, 35 summoning, 90 FISHING (38k from 91) and 90 COOKING. many other stats, under a month of members left. i want 30m for it (which is about 20$ worth of gold) pm my other account when im on, my private that is always on, my account i will be on is "L2 Tankk". or you can email me "[email protected]" i1228.photobucket/albums/...oe1992/zz1.jpg i1228.photobucket/albums/...oe1992/zz5.jpg i1228.photobucket/albums/...oe1992/zz2.jpg i1228.photobucket/albums/...oe1992/zz3.jpgZerker, 97+4 (30m RSGP)Sorry Lagged N Posted 3 By Accident. Look At Newest OneQuickk's Account Shop! Accounts with mem! Cheap Negotiable Prices! RSGP/Paypal/WU/PAHi, I'm starting up my own account shop! I'm trying to become trusted in the sythe community! I'm planning to open some free services such as questing and skilling services as well, so keep your eyes open for my posts! Well anyway, here are my accounts for sale! I Will go first to trusted users, and of course use an OMM if requested! MY : [email protected] (If accounts have recoveries/email r, they will be either removed, or the info will be given to the buyer, whatever you choose) All accounts can be sold for RSGP, or payments via: Paypal, WU, PA. I only accept paypal payments from trusted members, thanks! Account 1: 98cb Main, 99 WC, 99 Thieving, 97 Mining, DT + Heroes done. AW 50M/$25 Gold4Rs offered $25.. Account 2: 3cb Skiller with 95 wc. AW 15M/ $7.50 Account 3: 81cb main with DT Done. AW 20M/$10.00 Account 4: Sexy 67cb corrupt pure =) 330k tokens. 3 Months of Mem leftAwesome 82+ 8 pure ft - 99 rangedI am selling my pure that i have spent tons of time leveling. The account has 99 ranged, 94 mage, and 91 str, 150k from 92. The account has completed all of the main pure quests (DT, MM, Lost city, etc.) except the account only has steel gloves atm, you just have to do evil dave, skratch and the monkey ambassador for addy gloves. The account already has the agility level needed for the Monkey. The account comes with 20 sets of ghost robes, dragon claws and 500k cash. I am the original owner of the account and have all of the information. The account has no recoveries set right now, and my e-mail will be deleted upon sale. Any recov tests, etc can be done. There are also no black marks on the account currently as well. I am only accepting Paypal. I may accept rsgp but only if its a decent amount that i can sell in exchange for PP. NOW HAS 46 FARMING AND 91 FETCHING, BOTH RISING TOO.[SWAP] Buying 60/75 Attack Pure [SWAP]Buying a 60-75 attack 1 defence pure with atleast 90 Strength. I'm offering my Level 108+8 Barrows pure for it, Stats on my barrows pure: Lunars+DT DONE NO BARROWS GLOVES :/ Members until 13th of September. If intrested post below.
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