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    x Beast 99 Cooking. (LEGIT) xHello, im trying to sell my Level 94 with 99 cooking. he has 1.4m on him. it includes Torso with the purchase. IM trying to sell from somwhere between 10-15m. !!!IM NOT GOING FIRST!!! only to trusted members. for further details hit me up at [email protected] or you can pm me. thanks ![RSGP]Selling CB 83 Pure - 1 Def - Chaotic Rapier - Fire Cape[RSGP]Selling my 83 Combat, 1 Defence Rapier Pure. Details of the account are as follows 1. Email Login, Email account will be provided to buyer. 2. I am Original Owner, This account was created and levelled by me 4. Has Registered Email AND Recoveries, These can be removed if requested, But it's kind of pointless these days as the IP is what counts. 5. Willing to provide a recovery test, aswell as use an OMM at the buyers expense. 6. Willing to provide buyer with my personal information, such as Home Address and Phone number which can be verified by OMM before trade for extra assurance. 8. As i'm sure i'll be asked by any legitimate buyer inquiring about the account, i'm looking to sell it because my internet has small lag hiccups and i die very very easily at that combat with just a second of lag, so i'm selling this to buy or make a lower levelled pure. Has all pure quests besides RFD completed. Has all stats required save agility which would take less than an hour to finish. Comes with Chaotic Rapier, 60K Extra Tokens, FULL Zammy Book, Fire Cape, And Small amount of Pking supplies, potions, rocktails etc... Not enough to warrant a bank pic. Just finished 70 cooking while making this topic, so disregard the 68. No Autowin Yet, RSGP only unless a very tempting swap from a HIGHLY TRUSTED MEMBER ONLY.Selling decent rune pure with several skills above 50I'm selling my old rune pure account because i don't use it anymore and i could use the extra money. Combat level is 73 ONLY RSGPPotential Zerk pure Dt Monk maddnes done.Hi ! accepting paypal and rs cash post offers also selling a lvl 85 warrior in wow for paypal, eu server outland name:sprawler check in armory if interested, buy fast and get game time87cmb zerk QUESTED 60/91/45 CHEAPListen, I am trying to get rid of this account ASAP. I am willing to use an MM, or whatever it takes to sell this account The stats are solid, no black marks no botting, fully quested!!! First one with 30m gets itLevel 84 Chaotic Pure/Hybrid [No rapier/tokens][Quested]Full quested. love you up and got 2 def. Will take offers. Don't waste my time though, please. You know who you are. A/W: 40$ (Kind of high but it's an a/w calm down jeez)Selling amazing zerker [99 agilitiy+more] ( 1 2)Selling this amazing zerker with firecape and choatic rapier. It can do frost dragon with 85 dungeoning. It has a 3 letter name, very rare name. I will remove recoveries when it's buying bought. I can provide all recovery questions. OMM will be used and I WILL NOT go first to anyone unless you have 100+ vouches. Leave and post offer. Autowin: 300m Accepting RSGP ONLY. Current OFFER: 70m [imgunnadi50] Post away!Kittyboob's Account Shop ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)KITTYBOOBS'S NEW ACCOUNT SHOP PRICES are in RSGP only Account #1===SOLD 1 def pure Account #2===SOLD barrows pure Account #3===SOLD potential turmoil pure Account #4===SOLD barrows pure Account #5===SOLD 1 def pure Account #6===SOLD barrows pure Account #7===SOLD pking main Account #8===SOLD reset 73cb boxer/mage boxer, can do dt with 10 pray Account #9===SOLD low cb brid pure ToS: I will not go first in any given circumstance. Please comment below, add me on [email protected] or pm me before buying. Thank You prehandedly and good luck will be adding new accounts whenever theres 1 left
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