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    [SWAP&PP]Selling beast pures! Cb 60&74![SWAP&PP] ( 1 2 3)Hello pbers! Im going to sell both of my preeeeety skilled pures. CB 60 IS SOLD! Only taking paypal offers for them, cause i've quitted pking, and also runescape. Gold4Rs offered me 25$ for the level 60, and 50$ for the 74, so im hoping to get atleast 60$ for both account! May take swaps, if they are any good! Also, i only would take 90+ str obby mauler as swap! So, lets start: Cb 60. Has pretty nice ingame name, same with login name! Stats: Login: Blackmarks: Bank, its pretty clean. So i didnt take pic of it. 2nd account: Cb 74, Pretty decent pure, with 4letter name, nice one tbh. almost 1.1k total, good moneymaking skills! Stats: Login: Blackmarks: Contact me via Private messages or [email protected]! Its my only .[RSGP] Buying F2P Pk'er! [RSGP]Morning all, I'm wanting to have a bit of fun and play a bit of free to play PKing. I'm new to it so don't know what exact stats, but I'm also not a mug. Money isn't a problem but I'm not being made out to be a plonker. As I have only one vouch, I'll go first but if I have a feeling you'll scam, I will simply not do business. Post pictures of stats, ofcourse I'll pay more if they have a bank. Trendylookin for a zeal mule/higher hp lower combatHi guys, Im lookin to purchase a zeal mule via PP or rsgp which ever u prefer. Lookin for mainly trusted people on forums with plenty of vouches to back them up. More zelas the better the account. More vouches and the more tursted you are the better my price will be. Thanks for your time and post away with them accounts pleaseMy second skiller.If your intrested post below, send me a pm or add my [email protected] , Thanks!lvl 3 starter skillerThe account havn't been botted on at all or anything illigal, add my [email protected] , Pm here or write below if your intrested.Level 15, 99Prayer pure!I WILL GO First!, but you have to be trusted. I am looking for good legit offers only, i am going to post pictures of the account, no dumb post please! Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling F2P pures cheap (rsgp)Selling 2 F2P pures for rsgp cheap Links here: :///showthread.php?t=1270943 :///showthread.php?t=1270971Selling g2h/rapier Pure! ( 1 2)Hey guys im back again to sell another g2h/rapier pure. Feel free to pm or post me offers. account: not pictured is the rapier aswell. my : [email protected] c/o= 15m. a/w=30m.
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