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    99 range tankhello guys, title explains it i'm gonna take rsgp/ account+rsgp you go first or we use mm and you pay for it 99 range 97 magical 73 def 92 hp (not constitution) 53 prayer 75 attack 75 strength 64 dung dt done lunars done ancient effigy, hunter or herbies if you want I can sell idungeon script too, but seeing as how I can't really safely do that, that is kinda an extra thats pretty much it, in no hurry to sell, autowin i think should be round 60-70 mil, I think that is fair[buying]gmaul Pure[paypal][swaps]So yeh I'm looking for a g maul pure with similiar stats to this: 50 att (quested) 94 mage 80-85 str 80-90 range 13-31 prayer [email protected][RSGP]Selling Level 62 Void Dbow Rusher![RSGP]Hey, I'm selling this awesome voider, because i'd rather play on my pure. He has completed Animal Magnetism, and Priest in Peril. Comes with Full Void Set. I do not take swaps or Paypal.[RSGP/PP]Selling Barrows/gs pure[99 Magic]Hello, I am selling this account because I only play on my range pure now. This account has all the perfect stats for a perfect Barrows pure, 75atk, 90 str, 70 def, 52 prayer, 99 mage. Theres a picture with stats, and bank. And green zone. I have all information on the account that I will give up once the purchase is made. We can use a OMM if you pay fee's. It still has around 10 days of member left. NO RECOVS Right now I am just looking for OFFERS so offer away in RSGP and $. Thanks!L85 for sale - 75-98-1, 91 range 96 mage 90 agil 87 smith!Original owner hacked it back. Lmfao wow. Close.Nearly Maxed Pure [rsgp][paypal]email and recovs will be removed on purchace. contact : [email protected] Price: 120m $80selling beast staker cb 71 ( 1 2)Looking for RSGP and Swaps only No A/W set yet combat is 71 comes with all items shown will go first with trusted members This is a great range tank/boxer/veracs staker!! : [email protected] EDIT:Can a mod edit the title to add [RSGP][SWAPS] to the beginning[rsgp/pp] Lvl 84 Zerk | Fire Cape | Torso | D Gloves | Mm | Dt | Ld | 34m | 99 Mage-----
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