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    Selling Great Pure [Was Roll'd Back]Uploaded with 700k in bank looking for paypal/rsgp/swaps please post offers : [email protected]|RangeDDSER|:) Pm.Me. [email protected] I'll.Trade.A.Maxed.Melee.126cb..99atk.99str.99def. .70prayer.and.MOAR... has.EasterRing! #Terms- iWill.Go.First.If.Postcount.Is.Over.250... You.Will.Give.ALL.INFORMATION.During.Trade.. You'll.Be.Legit []Buying Turm Account OR Void Handcannoner MUST BE TRUSTED!Title says all and must be trusted , got scammed too many times.Selling Chaotic Pure 98 Dung! [Rsgp]Update: Acc is on its way to 99 dung and str will have in next day or so. Also i just got cleaned staking for around 600m, Really need to sell acc ! If youve got any questions please feel free to add my and ask away! : [email protected] A/w :80m Please Post offers, Dont be a retard and offer me 30m, Just dont waste both our time with low balling offers. Leading bid : 50m! Currently only has a maul and 170k tokens, lost 2 vigours and 2 streams to a hacker, also lost a rapier and a maul.Selling lvl 67 Mage/Range Tank {94 Mage, 80 Range}Quests: Dwarf Cannon Ernest The Chicken Priest in Peril The Restless Ghost Unstable Foundations Animal Magnetism Post offer's here and then add me on : [email protected] Note: It is around 5K exp from 80 Range.Selling low level HCer [69cb]Not lookin for much, add my ymessenger [email protected] Can talk from that to WTB Good PureWant to buy good pure would either like to swap accounts for a lvl 91 and 103 that i have or paypal pm me hereLooking to buy turmoil/high dung purei don't care about the bank spending $75 pp not paying with rsgp. post accounts trusted only ty
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.