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    5 Pures for Sale! HOLIDAY SALE! HALF OFF!!! CHECK IT OUT!! ( 1 2)Quote: Originally Posted by Large Animal Vouch for Garbear, bought his pure, I went first, all is good so far.. ;D Quote: Originally Posted by Juggaboo Vouch for Garebear, Bought his G2H pure, everything went great! Quote: Originally Posted by purepowerlevel Bought a pure for 7.5m went really smooth BIG FAT VOUCH FOR Garebear! Quote: Originally Posted by Ingrm3 Bought a obby pure account off him for 1m great trade... i went first den he sent me information over ... will trade from him again if i decide to... thx for the acc bro ALL ACCOUNTS SOLD! Check out my cheap [combat] level 92, Ranged Tank in my sig!RSGP: Selling lvl 58 str pure 40att 87str 1def RSGPHello guys im selling a lvl 58 pure amazing for f2p pking looking for rsgp A/W set at 50mil but will take other offers there are currently recovs but i will provide you them and you can change the email easily : [email protected] Stats :// CB :// Login :// starter pure, 94 magic! 52 prayer!Hey , I'm selling my starter pure today, I've lost interest in pures and no longer have a use for him looking for about 10-20m NEED GONE TODAY ://i824.photobucket/albums/z...l3r/Robbie.jpg ://i824.photobucket/albums/z...3r/Robbie2.jpg ://i824.photobucket/albums/z...3r/Robbie4.jpg ://i824.photobucket/albums/z...l3r/Robie3.jpgBuying Level 3 skiller [Max 15M offer]Buying a very nice skiller for 15M at the most.Buying dungeoneering Pure/Sw PureLooking to purchase via Paypal/Rsgp. Must have 1 defence Must have 200k tokens/a chaotic. Post here and I shall add your ! DONT POST if you have less than 5 vouches/300 posts. __________________Buying any accountI got a 3 month card for XBOX live, willing to trade for an account with NO RECOVS OR EMAIL!!! Post below offers IM ALSO WILLING TO GO FIRST IF YOUR TRUSTED3 combat skiller 394 ttlHello everyone I'm selling 3 level combat skiller . There was no membership on it, it has pin, no recovery questions (never set), no email (never set) only 1 previous password. There are screenies: I will go first only to trusted persons, mods, admins, mms, omms, 50+ vouches I accept RSGP and USD. There is no autowin, highest offer wins. NO MAIL, NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS: :// Stats :// If you want someone to do recovery test-OK, but YOU PAY FEES. Please post offers below.[RSGP] Selling 10 hp, 88 magic ( 1 2 3)Sold!!!
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