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    Selling a def pure WTF ?? CHEAP [RSGP & Paypal & Swapping]Def Pure Hello, i'm selling my def pure i wanna sell it for RSGP/PAYPAL/SWAPPING; For RSGP: Highest: A/W: 35MIL For PAYPAL: Highest: A/W: 15 EURO Swapping: I wanna swap for a main wich has a good combat and good stuff. So some information of my account: Combat Level: 36 Skills: Bank: QP: Just 1 QP. Botted ?: No this acc is handmade. Intrested ? : [email protected] If u have more than 10+ vouches i go first if you don't have we use a . _DavidBuying Hunting pure (Cash)Hey , Im looking to buy a pure hunting account, dosnt need any other stats besides an at least level 70 hunter. Throw me offers! (lowest ill accept hunter is 60) I will be paying through mail with cash, so may have to be in u.s. We can use an mm if you can find one, otherwise Ill try to find one. Pref if you have one. EDIT:WILL NOW TRADE RS 90 DAY CARD(NOT TARGET) FOR PURE[pp or RSGP]For sale: Level 58-99range-51 dung-42hp[Trusted user]Sold-Please closeBuying Zeal Mule 1k+ Zeals!I'm looking for a zeal mule with 1k+ zeals, dont need over 1.2k though. if you have one, post it and how much you want, don't say make offer.Lookin for a Zeal MuleSwapping korasi prod :///showthread.php?...1#post10017150Selling - Level 3 Skiller - Dungeoneering Pure - VERY RARE NAME!Sorry, This account is SOLD430+ Posts | 11+ Vouches | Cb 3 with 99 Crafting & Cooking | Cheap! ( 1 2)closed[RSGP/PP] Level 138 Main 2275 Total 15 99sHello everyone im selling my level 138 it has 15 99s ive deleted email/recoverys on it. it has 11k extreme sets. good deal of quests done. if you have a Question post it on here and ask me on as well if you want a faster response. Have a bid? post on here and message me via as well. Happy bidding
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.