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    Buying account with a 99!i have 15m too spend. HMU. add my : [email protected] to swap my lv 82 75 att 99 str/thread wrong sectionBuying obby mauler/ddsBuying a Pure, must have level 1-10 attack or 40+ attack and 80+ str Acc must have no recov or email and i will not be going first, will be offering up to 20m [email protected](s)Level 59 Gravite pure-85dung-83str-45attUp for sale is an awesome f2p gravite pure for sale or chaotic if you feel like getting the attack up. All info will be included with the account upon sale. Recoveries are set, they will be included, email is a short unregistered email that cannot be registered. Creation date as well as the previous password(s) included. I will not go first under any circumstance. Bidding starts at $50 via PP(All payments must be gifted)$25 Only!!!The reason I only have 1 post is because I was looking to sell my account and this is the only site I could find to sell it on. If you don't trust me we can get a or we can go half/half. You decide. Send a message to [email protected] if you would like to buy! Thanks!Low Level G Maul Rusher Account [paypal]Hey guys , looking for a low level G maul rusher around the stats of , 50 att 80-90 str , 1 def , no range , 82+ mage , 10-50 hitpoints. i know its a lot to ask for but someone on will have one for sale Also if u do want Gp i will buy Gp that adds up to the price we agree on depending on how much i can buy it for . Buying off guru+ People. i do go first as i have on all my vouches have said . ( will pay more if DT is done with 82+ mage ) add my or pm me on here , [email protected] .*Abess Account Sales* ( 1 2)Please Close This. Accounts Sold.Selling 10hp Magic PureSelling this 10hp level 45 magic pure with 88 mage, for RSGP. OFFER BELOW! NO A/W SET. DONT come with Wealth now. I'll get MM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.