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    Selling Personal Main [USD ONLY]Hey. I'm not a "trusted member", nor have I been on the forums or part of this market a very long time. But I'm going to come right out with it: I'm sick and tired of Runescape. I've invested far too much time for no real output (minus the account you're about to see). I am willing to go through the most rigorous trading restrictions, if that helps any. IT HAS FIVE 99S; AGILITY, COOKING, FIREMAKING, THIEVING AND FISHING. IT ALSO HAS 94 RUNECRAFTING, AND A SEMI-RARE NAME. Anyway, the account itself: You will also be getting the name, which is rare, so keep that in mind (no it's not the login name).RSGP! Selling 2 fishing accounts level 85+RsgpAccount one with 87 fishing: This account also comes with a whip and some other members stuff, 85 fishing but also comes with some nice melee stats: Please offer and if your interested me!:toron.martin Also check out my Range Tank here!Four Account for Sale ~ All Together or Seperate~Hi guys I've played runescape on and off since 2004, well I want to quit for good now so what better way to do that than sell all of my accounts? Here's the selection I have accumulated over the years... (I made a LOT of pures, if you want some low level f2p pures ask what I have!) I'll put them in order from best to worst (imo) 1. lvl 100 combat -ALMOST maxed mage-boxer (staking with no armour, using magic only) - - 99 Defence, 99 Magic, 96 HP, 80 Str, 79 Attack, 1 prayer, 1 summoning. 2. 55 combat - 99 Magic *Pure* - - 99 magic, 20s in both attk/str and 30 constitution. 55 combat with 99 magic 1 defence, 1 summoning, 1 prayer. 3. Decent Main - 94 combat - 75 attk, 80 str, 70 def, 77 hp, 61 pray, 78 fletch, 99 cooking etc. (77 quest points) Done monkey madness, lost city, dragon slayer, frem trials and more. 4. Zerker pure - 81 combat - 68 attk, 75 str, 45 def, 52 prayer etc. Done monkey madness, lost city, dragon slayer, frem trials etc.Selling Level 87+2 Berserker W/ B Gloves 99 Range 95 magic!!Please Read Entire Post! (Pics At bottom) Free bumps always appreciated! Selling my berserker account for Paypal only. Im done playing this game. I know i am new to the site but im not new to pathetic scammers so please if you are not serious do not waste my or your time thank you. This account is a great for pking and it is still ranged based which means it can be turned into a range tank if you wanted! all the items that are on the account come with the account the items all together are about 28mil cash [email protected] you can email me or add me on and i will answer all questions or concerns I WILL ONLY USE AN OFFICIAL MM OR A TRUSTED ONE AS I AM QUITTING IM NOT GOING TO PAY FOR THE MIDDLE MAN FEE. (I will double check all emails that add my to make sure you are who you say you are.) I am not going first unless your an admin. i will not go 50/50 the autowin on this auction will be at 65 USD. Not in pictures account does have 185 quest points also has lunar magic Login: Offences: Stats: Bank:Rsz Belgium pure shop! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey and welcome to my pure shop. More zeal pures|cmb pures|dung pures will be added soon. Payments that are accepted: paypal,rsgp,mail, bank transfer. my only is: [email protected] I'll never go first and i'll never decline a omm. Order Form Code: account #?: offer+Payment Method (PayPal|RsGp|Bank transfer|mail): : Have You Added Me:account #1: lvl91 rune pure, with 92str, 202 qp, got b gloves all def quests done. auto win: 30$ account #2: sold for 20$ account #3:sold for 30$ account #4:sold for 20m account #5: sold for 50m account #6: sold for 23$ acccount #7:sold for 13$ account #8: lvl 79 awesome/dung pure/staker! 97str,! 80atk! got rapier! auto win: 35$ account #9: sold for 50$ vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by I soul split very smooth trade everything went well IMG] level 75 desert treasure done lost city done. pm me if your interested14.5mil for good pure!Spending 14.5mil on a good pure. Post offers below!CMB 86! 99 STR! 10 DEF! 95 PRY! 94 MAG! (RSGP) ($40) mil)40 Mil! Bid starts at 20 Mil though! Good Luck!
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