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    Looking to buy a zerk with b glovesMust have b gloves, 94 mage, lunars, fully quested def. Dung 80+ and temple of senestien done with 95 prayer would be even better, cheersBuying a Range/Mage tank!Im looking for a range tank, nothing above 50 strength, 75 attack, or 75 def. must have dt and rfd to at least rune gloves done, and 80+ range and magic. 52+ summoning is good too. i dont care about chaotics or non combat skills, so im not gonna pay extra if you botted to 99 thieving or got yerself a shiny special crossbow. post what you have here and if i like it ill give you an offer on .[20+ Vouches] Selling 1 def/1 pray 80 dung starter pure ( 1 2)Account 1: Sold! New account: 1 Def/1 Pray Dung starter pure: Has Yo-Yo so can get veteran cape, has 202k dung tokens.***level 91 zerker for sell CHEAP********20 mill OBO RSGP Only******* accont name is iskidz i will take off email reg. when i have a buyer. Need anymore info just ask.[rsgp] Selling One Account Cheap [rsgp]Its just an account stats arent great but you can make it into a barrows pure or leave it at 60 defense do what ever you want with it. Pm with offers going really cheapBuying gmauler ppHey guys im looking for a 50att gmauler. Stats 50att obv 80str 1-5def mage 82+ range 70+ prayer doesnt matter. Must have mm dt and addy gloves mith gloves are ok. I will use paypal. Will not go first unless trusted 80+ vouche or omm or mm will be used. post away[RSGP] Selling AWESOME Start Range Tanker! | 91 Dung [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hello peeps! Today I bring to you my long forgotten about Range tank! It is 83 Combat,91 Dung, and has a chaotic crossbow 99%. / 362k tokens. it has a USERNAME LOG IN! / No email We can use a MM or Omm split fees. IF YOU WANT! Happy bidding folks!selling level 90 Veteran account (3 99's) [Paypal]Getting rid of my first account I ever made on Runescape. It was made in late 2005 and is considered a "Veteran" account. (Has Veteran cape along with Classic cape) I'm not really into Runescape very much anymore and I want to drop the game completely, which is why I must sell my account. :p Contact me at [email protected] (, or email) Just throw me a reasonable offer, and I'll decide from there. Heres some pictures:
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