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    [RSGP] Epic lvl 82 Boxer : Wins constantly : [RSGP]I only want RSGP. I don't have a problem using an MM or going first to very trustworthy people. Offer away and leave your here as well. : [email protected] to trade a maxed main for a purelook at this thread for details sythe/showthread.php?t=1259857selling maxed 50atk 13pray pure trip 99sok well i know im new to this but we will use a omm and seeing as im selling this account for rsgp cause i need cash on rs we can split fees or u can pay for it fully and we just take off the money for the omm with the account the account has mith gaunts dts done no mm or lost city the account has no recovs so we can use a omm so nothing can go wrong at all Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Maxed Pure - 93+10 CB!Josh561 here selling my 2nd pure after a good trade for my last one. I do not accept anything but gp, and we will use an OMM, and the fees will be on you. Post your here if interested and I'll add you. Recovs and email will come off when I get a good offer.S> Rune Turmoiler 99 str 95 pray [PAYPAL]Selling my rune turmoil pure because i dont have time to play anymore. Quests and stats will be placed below Stats: Quests: If you're intrested let me know inbox or post your / . i will ONLY go first with well trusted people otherwise use a at your cost.[GURU.20Vouch] Pure w/ 100Dung, 99STR/RNG [RSGP]-sold elsewhere-[RSGP] Ownage lvl 63 Range Staker : OWNS [RSGP]This account is a staking beauty for a lvl 63. The high hp and evened-out range with its cb level is just an amazing combination to win against opponents in range boxing. I am only taking RSGP at this time, no shitty offers please. Offer away. My : [email protected] 119 for 100mill :)this is my first post, but i have a level 119 with 99str 99attack, 87def and 99 fletching hes non member but has many member stuff. I will upload pictures as soon as i figure out how to, blank out my name and upload it. thanks a lot
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.