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    Server is North America Rp and IP mentioned in the photo are not real Current IP balance :~2000 Current RP balance :461 I own these 65 Champions (added recently ahri+fizz+ziggs,not in the photo) Skins Unlocked:Spectral Fiddlesticks,Aviator Irelia,Deep One Kassadin,Workshop shaco,Yellow Jacket shen,Primal Udyr,White mage Veigar,Unchained Alistar,Judgement Kayle Count Vladimir,Feral Warwick,Nightmare Cho'gath,Urfrider Corki,Battle Regalia Poppy,Frosted Ezreal Runes: 4 rune pages Available All following runes are tier 3 Marks : 9x 1.7% attack speed 9x 1.7 Armor penetration 9x 0.95 Magic Penetration Seals : 9x +1.41 armor 9x +1.2 Mana regen/5 at 18 lvl Glyphs : 9x -0.96% Cooldown at lvl 18 9x +1.5 Magic Resist Quintessences 1x 3.4% Atk Speed 1x -2.39% Cooldown at 18 lvl 1x 3.3 Armor penetration 1x 1.5% dodge 1x -5.00% time Dead 2x +26 Health 3x +5 Ability Power 3x +1.5% movement speed 1x +1.89 Magic penetration Normal Game wins are 550 Ranked Game wins are 438(season 1) 0(Season 2,havent played yet) Highest Elo 1424 Pm if u are interested This account has 18 refferals and a senior account in forums Keep checking posts for updates!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.