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    FIRST OWNER OF THE ACCOUNT HAVE ALL DETAILS AND E-MAILS NEEDED AS WELL AS THE UNIQUE ACCOUNT ID. EUROPE ACCOUNT. Details of Templar: PvP Gear PvE Gear - UNSHOWN Items are a bug and they are level 52 gold drops from udas. 50 Ranger Twink: 37 Spiritmaster to show got lowbie set: Really good reputation on server, first stormwing kill pre-2.1 etc. So you can use it without changing name if you wish. Name Change will be bought by my side if you wish to change it. 150m cash in inventory and around 300m worth items in account (can show to those interested) Expert Noble Drenium Mace x2 in bank which can be crafted into eternal if you are lucky. Also got a level 51 elyos gladiator but that is not added to price. Over 20 enchantment stones between level 85 and 90. Quest reward Paralyze and 1% damage godstones are still UNUSED. Greatsword at the moment has SILENCE godstone. Ranger is half way in rank 1 quest so another para from there is possible. Apart from Gladiator ALL ASMODIAN and on same server. - Trust me it is one of the best accounts you can find around. Open since open-beta full veteran rewards and also has a Donkey for extra 6 slots pet and a sheep for fun. Paid for it for an extra month just yesterday. Price: A popular trading website put this for sale for 1100 USD as their suggested price but they cut their share 40%( 440 USD) and is why i want to sell it myself for a lot cheaper as long as i get more USD than my share on that.(660 USD) So 700 is fair for me. - Can show you this if you are interested i did not want to link another website here. So you know it is not a lie. Edit: BTW I'm new here so hi to all and if i forgot anything please ask. Thanks
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