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    WTS DONATE CHAR IN L2MAFIA 04 SERVER(STUCKSUBS). CHAR NAME FoBz Some Infos about Character Main Class:Ghost Hunter 1st Sub:Titan 2nd Sub:Mystic Muse 3rd Sub:Doomcryer Donated subs (+6) 1st Donate Sub:phoenix Knight 2nd Donate Sub:Hierophant 3rd Donate Sub:Sagitarrius 4th Donate Sub:Grand Khavatari 5th Donate sub:Cardinal 6th Donate Sub:Shilient Templar Donated Skills (?) 1.Dodge 2.Thril Fight 3.Arcane Agility 4.Rivavil 5.Summon Nightshade (pet) 6.Curse of Gloom 7.Shield Mastery (passive) lvl.4 8.Dark Vortex 9.Transfer Pain 10.Soul Guard And lot of other skills. Item Skills Donated (actives) 1.Might lvl 10 2.Duel Might lvl 10 3.Shield lvl 10 4.Agility lvl 10 5.Guidance lvl 10 6.Magic Barrier lvl 10 7.Blessed Soul lvl 10 8.Focus lvl 10 9.Refresh lvl 3 10.Battle Roar lvl 10 Item Skills Donated (passives) 1.Agility lvl 10 2.Shield lvl 10 3.Magic Barrier lvl 10 4.Might lvl 10 5.Empower lvl 10 Armor Dynasty Heavy Armor Set +25 (you can use it for all the subs....) Weapon Dynasty Hammer (health),Dynasty Staff (acumen),Demon Splinter (crt.stun),Dynasty Bow (guidance),Dynasty Blade-Dynasty Blade (duals),Dynasty Blade (health) (all of them +35) Jewels Raid Boss Jew Set +25 (Valakas,Antharas,Zaken,Baium,Queen Ant) Misc Tattoo of Avadon +21 Tattoo of Absolute +25 Tattoo of Bravery +25 Gold Dragon : 6600(+-) hero until restart Niphilim Lord +6 & Angel Wings. For Information about the price .. sent msg on MxC Character cost from donations on server is about 1.200 Euro. Selling character half price or lower... waiting your offers... CHARACTER PRICE ABOUT 350-400EURO SELL CHAR ONLY FOR MONEY.!FOR OFFERS SEND ME MESSAGE ON MAXCHEATERS.!TY Some Photos
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.