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    Looking for a custom account dealer!!I am looking for a very trusted guy that can make me a custom account! I am looking for 70att 90+str 60def and 94mage and 1 sum, range, pray!! I want none of the stats any higher than what I asked and and no more than 3 lower!! Cheers and vouch to anyone who can provide, Jameson[RSGP] Selling 69 Pure| DT| ADDYS| + MoreSelling this great starter pure, has addy gloves done, desert treasure done, lost city done, and ability to wear mind body! AUTO WIN: 15MIL RSGP WILL PROVIDE LOGIN SCREENIE IN AN HOUR, TAKING OFF RECOVERYS ATM!Selling Ranged 2h 68 str 1 def.. quick sale!!!Cheap account for sale!!! Hey guys, im selling my Ranged 2h account. I have too many accounts, im the only owner and i have had only 1 password. No Recoveries. No black marks. Only 1 password. Great pvp account. Must go here are the stats and information below. I am taking Rsgp or PayPal Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Any1 questions dont hesitate to ask God Bless ~BB~selling a lvl 66 with 75 wc 30 days mem [pp]selling a lvl 66 75 wc as you can see in title, i dont really care about the account, got a main to play on £5-~- [RSGP] Termss Account Sales *MUST LOOK* [UPDATE!] [RSGP] -~-I am selling 4 accounts for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. Below are the accounts that i am selling, i will be accepting offers. Here are the accs: First account is my level 79 rune pure with 99 str, A/W is 40m. Here are pics. (SOLD) Second account is my level 135, amazing stats (3 letter name) A/W is 100m. Here are pics. Third account is my amazing level 75 pure. A/W is 80m. Here are pics. Last account is my lv94 range tanker. A/W is 30m. Here are pics. If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected]_+rsgp+_ Two Great Accounts | Cheap Price | 90+ Stats |Hi, Basically I no longer play these accounts, and would like to sell them in order to continue with my pure, so would like RSGP ideally in exchange for this account, I will not go first, I do not scam and OMM can be used if you don't want to go first without. I have all details such as creation date, earliest password etc, I am willing to pay for OMM fee if you want one, but if you want to recov check, you must pay that fee. BOTH ACCOUNTS = Just 49M! OR 28m each First Account: Security: Stats: Items/Proof of Quests: The Bank of this account is worth around 400k , Thanks for Looking Second Account: (Please note this account must be purchased using a recovery check, which i will pay for) Security: Stats/Items: This Account only has about 70k in junk, but with 99 Thieve, alot can be potentially made Thanks for Looking and remember RSGP Only, accepting Verified Paypal as a secondary Preference My is - [email protected] PKER, Maxed pure, Famous!!! [RSGP]: [email protected] Selling this amazing, famous account for my friend. HAS OVER 600,000 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE It's his original account, recently got hacked by an irl friend and got it 35 defence, he needs RSGP for his main. If you do not know who yankin deez is, heres a youtube link of one of his videos: youtube/watch?v=4uVvA...eature=related Account also has rune gloves, dt done, monkey madness, etc. This is a really amazing account for sale, I hope you guys will see how much it's worth. He wants the bidding to start at 75M. A/W 100M. HE WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST, unless I see that you are really trusted in my eyes.[CHEAP] 79 GS Pure 75Att/90Str/94Mage/85Mine [STAKER/PKER/TRUSTED]Hi, im looking to sell this acc for RSGP, also accepting swaps(trusted ppl only). This account is an amazing pker i destroy all pures my lvl. amazing mage AND meele staker for its cb. Has DT done and mith gloves Jarvard's Vouches Add [email protected]
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