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    Selling level 73. 75 Attack Pure! 2 99's! Quests done& Wanting to sell within an hour or so!. Selling for [RSGP]. Recording it all so no scams. Highest bid wins! A/W = 50m Leave amount to bid & account.[Paypal]Lvl 60 with firecape 82 mage 85 wc for sale[Offer]Hello, i'm selling one of IIproII'ss Accounts What you see is what you get. I have all the information for the account, I am the original Owner, Email, passwords, etc. Overall this account has maybe 1mill, nothing is left. My rules of selling: I will do any tests with an OMM if you require it. For the safety of this account I will not go first, but however I will use an OMM at your cost. (if you require it) or you will go first Have no problems verifying ownership of this account with anyone in Game. Here are the pictures enjoy and happy bidding. Please do not I repeat do not PM me offers I will not reply I want all Offers shown on this thread for the safety of myself and you the buyer By posting on this thread you are obligated to buy, this therefor I will keep your offer in my hand and I have all the right to turn someone else's offer down without explanation. I don't really play anymore as you can see I have WoW up. My game of choice now Looking for actual offers Paypal Gift only. The woodcutting is 85 if you cant see it. all stats ready to do quests to, desert treasure, good d clawer also[SWAP/RGP] Level 79 42def PROSelling / Swapping my 42def pure. Dosent have any cash but who needs it with 95hunt!!! Would like a good swap or a fair amount of gpSelling lvl 76 Staker!!! RSGP!Hey I am selling this account cause I have a maxed staker now and a nice range tank (finishing botting) I took a unexpected dip in stakes and lost a bit and don't really need this account anymore so why not sell for RSGP Add my : Please message or post before adding. Will take paypal 1$/M though so I c an buy RSGP[PAYPAL]25$!!SELLING 89 MAIN, BUNNY EARS,, 99wc, 98fish + MORE! 25$!!![PAYPAL]Suuuup guys, alrighty I'm selling my level 89 account on RS. It has 99 wc, 98 fish and other SICK stats. Not to mention bunny ears and a I would have had over 100m on it to sell but thanks to some assholes this is no longer an option . There is just over 1m and some decent members items in the bank. PAYPAL ONLY. SELLING FOR 25$ RIGHT NOW!! PAYPAL! Check it out.. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[Paypal] Korasi/Zerker Pure perfect for pvp!Selling a Korasi pure with Dt, Recipe for disaster, Lunar diplomacy, Void stares Back done. Has 206 quest points 99 str 99 thieving and various 60+ skills. Combat Level is 96+8 Will be willing to go first if trusted! Otherwise we can use a omm you pay. Looking for $100 for the account however im willing to negotiate. The account has just 1m cash on it the rest has been transferred . Recoveries were NEVER set and Email was also NEVER set. Post offers here/ Leave or you can just pm me thanks! Stats: Quest: Login/offence:[RSGP]selling lvl 69 G mauler 99 str!!!![RSGP]Title says it all Im selling my lvl 69 G mauler I currently came back to staking and I play on my staker account and I have no use of this account anymore this account also has 50 days of membership left, this account has never had recoveries and it has only had 1 password I will NOT go first Unless you have 20 vouches in 500$ or more ( no training vouches etc..) Willing to use OMM or a Trusted MM 50/50 I will not Accept swaps because I have to many accounts I will not accept Paypal Login: stats:[Trusted only]Buying Pure [Rsgp] [Paypal] ( 1 2)Looking at all offers from TRUSTED people What is trusted? *Trusted is vouches for things other than pins & training *No thanks to people that have recent join dates *Several vouches ranging in money values If you believe you qualify keep reading What Pures am I looking for? *Pures that aren't failures ex. (45 defence but doesn't have barrows gloves) *Boxers maxxed *Preferrably low level defence *Prayer no higher than 52 *99 Str 94 mage 85 range + as well as 70-78 attack are +++ *Willing to look all pures though! *Summoning DOESN'T matter as long as it isn't above 55 What now? *Feel free to post your account *Have pictures ready *Be open to MM / OMM What do you have to work with? *I have 205 Million Gp *Bank funded / verified paypal *Notice *I am looking at the Best offers and I have the right to withdraw from a trade I deem unsafe at anytime. Form to fill out : Your Att / Your Strength / Your Def/ Your Prayer / Your Mage / Your Range / Your summoning Notable skills / Featues on account Price you are asking? Best Regards, Icon
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