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    [Selling] Awesome F2p Rune Pure [Lv 70] MUST SEE!Hey, selling an extremely old account of mine. It has double spaces in its name and I occasionally get compliments on it. The name looks like Xz--BLANK--Xz The stats are... Recovery information ... Items the account has ... Also has 77 WC which is pretty nice. Willing to provide as many details as I can in order to make this transaction go as smooth as possible. I will not go first unless you have over 20 vouches. I may do 50/50 depending on your vouches or you can pay for OMM fees. H/B : 2.5m A/W : 15m My : [email protected] cbt level 78 initiate pureOk guys I just lost claws on my other account and had to re-buy them. Now i don't have enough for turmoil so I'm selling my initiate pure. The account does not have recoveries set. Some pics are: s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluStats.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluRares.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...dfluelogin.jpg The account has about no bank, however it has a few mill and charms for about 40 summoning maybe? It does have some skilling brawlers as well. It has a barrel chest anchor as well, and is quested to rune gloves. Also has 99% paws I do not have a price for bidding but I do have an A/W of 60 mill. My is: [email protected] contact me there if you are looking to buy. We can use OMM but you will pay fees. Edit: new to posting pictures so If it doesn't come up right I will say them here and someone in the comments can come and tell me how. It has 60 attack, 20 defense, 86 strength, 82 range, 80 hp, 94 magic, 52 prayer, 1 summoning, 85 miningWtb An Insane Pure! ++ Spending £150 ++Hey guys I'm new to this website and recently got paid baby yes thats right, Im spending around £150 depending on how good the pure is etc. Give me some offers peeps! PEACE!Buying Rs Pure!in the title, give offers on thread>Sealling Beast 40-90-40 pure... 24 mil bank99str (for RSGP)Hello, i am selling a level 87 with 99str 40 defence 88hp ect. he has maybe 50-100k in the bank, he is a great pker, he also has 9days of member credit left. I am looking at offers for the account ill pick which ever one im happiest with thanks! my is:[email protected] you can also contact me on here or, if you have SwiftKit go to IRC #calebnewton80Buying Mage PureHi guys, I am currently looking for a pure with the following stats: 80+ Mage 40+ Defence And all other combat skills besides HP lower than 10 (prayer excepted). Post your prices below thanks[RSGPPP] Account Sale|Maxed Boxer|Fully quested pure with firecap|99 hunt acc|- Selling my starter main Rules: - I will not go first. - I will use a middle man. - Please post offer & . - Starting bid: 10m or 10$ paypal. - A/W: 45m or 45$ paypal. Selling my ini pure. - Starting bid: 25m or 25$ via paypal. - A/W: Currently not set. - Looking to sell my staking account. - Starting bid: 25m or 25$ via paypal. - A/W: 60m or 60$ via paypal.
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