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    buying lvl 3 skiller with 99 stat [RSGP]hey i am buying a lvl 3 skiller with a 99 skill (most preferably 99fm) i will be paying by rsgp. post accounts below.Swapping Rune Pure For Gmaul Or Obby Mauler,rsgp Offers As WellHey, so recently ive been making a rune pure. But havent been into it that much =/ not my type of pure. so ill be looking at either 50att pures, obby maulers (at least 70strength) or any other pure that your willing to swap, ill look at all the offers in consideration. But ofc, gmaulers and obby maulers are my babies I WILL ALSO BE TAKING RSGP! ill remove recovrys once a buyer has been found as well as eeeemail. pics: Thanks and pm me for any questions! i will only do swaps/rsgp deals with legit members with a few vouches. Not looking to get scammed or scam anyone else, id just like another pking acc or cash. [email protected] Magic 10 Hp 47 [email protected] have a lvl 48 with 94 mage and 10 hp. i will be accepting paypal and rsgp ONLY. make your best offer below or pm me. you go first or we use mm. i will change the email to yours after we make a deal. account comes with the 6mil thats already on it.Selling Name "Divine Law"Title says it all, fake email still in tutorial. Post offers Divine Law*10HP 83Magic*Yes, it has 10hp. I will continue to level the magic level upon request at a added price. Pictures: No wealth in the bank. Taking RSGP Current Offer: By:Selling NAMES!! [rsgp]Have these names for sale, post offers, all accounts were made with fake emails and still in the tutorial. Garden Bed Cabbage Pie Sober Monkey Maple Table Drunk Troll 63x Dl2 IR00 54G3 IdmU 8E1 0l8 Burnt Pike Lobster Cake Troll Camp Blue Wizard Culantro Ipql Gpq 11Qp 6999 1ll1 GT0 1 3 9 L 2 R S Caged Lion 2 0 2 0 Bat Bones Divine Law 0rigionalBuying Gmauler+BlitzAlright, I'm going to buy a G maul pure 50 attack at highest!!! 75+ Strength is a must, range levels are a bonus and must have 82+ Mage + DT DONE!! No recoveries or email on it. I'll be paying in RSGP, post your accounts and add my [email protected] 58- Str, Range, Mage Pure- DT CompleteI haven't played in a good while. See pictures below. DT is complete. Full zamorak book. Paypal only. No GP and absolutely no swaps. If anyone is interested in a lvl 113 with 99 def and 99 range then I have that for sell as well. I also have a lvl 90 with 70 att 60 def and 90 str. POST HERE! I don't get on unless I have a reason.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.