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    Buying range or strength pure or zerker!i would buy either a range pure, a strength pure or summon tank for my level 104 with 99 str, 70 def, 78 attack, 90 mage, 90 hp, 55 summon, 87 fishing, 74 fletching, 60 crafting, 61 thieving, 65 wc, 65 cook, 73 mining, 53 smithing, 50 herblore, 50 farming, 58 hunter, 51 slayer. The 104 could easily sell for at least $35-40! Email me or inbox me for the deal!selling range 2h:// recovs none :// stats 40 attack 54 str and 68 range will not go first unless your well trusted willing to use good mm or omm. CLick the maginiying glass if you cna't see pics.buying range pure with low hpLooking for a really good rang pure, 90+ range, and low hp, and low cb. post pics and we will discuss pricesS> Def pure rank 100-200 ranking in thief!Selling my account, looking for about 100m RSGP the account has 50-60m thieving exp, I will give specific numbers upon contact via . The accounts username is on a fake email. This account has not botted for months, you shouldn't have to worry. A/w: C/o: : [email protected] lvl 3 Zeal Mule ( 1 2 3)://i51.tinypic/33mnb0p.png ://i56.tinypic/35jz6yp.jpg Cureent Bid/: 70m Selling my 1.6k Zeal Hi Community, I am selling my ZEAL MULE I am selling this for RSGP. I will only be going first if you trusted [I WILL CHOSE IF I TRUST YOU] No pathetic Bids please! If you want more information on my accounts just pm me or contact me : [email protected] : ifamalam[Loyal $100 Donor] xKronic Selling Mage Pure With Great RearName.Mage Pure With Epic Rear Name: Check Rear Name Sticky to search. Why buy? Its a nice starter pure you can have secure safe trade. Posted offers bellow and add [email protected]@@@Selling mining pure. 98 mining! Only 15m!!!!!!I really need money so im selling my mining pure for 15m. He has 98 mining. No recoveries. Fake email. No black marks. Add my if you are interested. [email protected] ://s1090.photobucket/albums/...iningacc1A.pngBuying Summ Tank [RSGP]Bought. Please Close This Thread.
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