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    Selling Sick Pure, 1 def, 11 prayer, 95 range, 60 attack, 89 str, 88 mage.~~~~~level 67 DDS STAKER! A/W is $15 itunes card!Uploaded with Hello Sythe users, I have a level 67 Dds staker which decent stats. Stats: 60 att 88 str 77 hp 7 range 19 mage 1 def/prayer/summ Other features: lost city completed has cvls and 500k in bank for starter has all requirements to do sorcerer garden If you are interested please email me at [email protected] FYI: theres only one "T" in my email. I do not accept rsgp or paypal payments because I am quitting runescape and let the bid begin![PAYPAL] HYBRID CB 76 --->[ 94 Mage 91 Range 89 Str]85str/45def] >> ULTIMATE ZERKER 45DEF / 85STR / 85COMBAT I Have personally made over 450m pking on this account ! AUTO WIN - 100M ( BIDS OVER 5M WILL BE COUNTED ) Happy biddingSelling Good hybrid pure 72 cb FULLY QUESTED!hey guys selling my pure need to fund turmoil on my zerker hope you find the acc nice enough to bid on . Account is 72 combat and owns for its combat level account is fully quested addy gloves dt done etc account has rc robes. here are some pictures . IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION DROP ME A PM Hopeyou find it interesting and thanks for reading my thread.Almost Maxed Pure quested out w/ 90str 90range mith gloves and a 99!Selling my pure! Has Email and questions but they aren't mine they are from I fatality I (bought the acc of him) he has one of the biggest account shops at sythe and is grandmaster and donator to sythe. You can be sure the account will NOT get recovered if yes I fatality I will recover it for you. A/W: 100m Uploaded with ADD MY FOR QUESTIONS![Rsgp]Selling 76+7 Rspure! 94 mage/addy gloves/Ancients!Selling this 80+6 Rs pure, doesn't have members anymore, trained up the account a little bit more then the last time i posted selling, has 99 mage now! and a fire cape! THIS IS INACCURATE, POSTED NEW THREAD! All the money will stay on the account because its all members... I will do Swaps, but only for baby pures with 50 attack and dt done! All A/w RsGp:100m A/w PayPal:75 Usd Opening Bid: 30m Rsgp Pictures:[RSGP] (62.125 cb) (DT Done) (Addy Gloves) (1 def) (11 pray) [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)THIS THREAD IS INNACCURATE, PICTURES AND TITLE ARE INNACCURATE, WILL BE POSTING A NEW THREAD IN A FEW DAYS WITH ACCURATE INFORMATION Willing to verify in game. The pictures show 1. Items that need quests to wear, items that are a part of max 1 def gear, all wearable 2. Skill levels and the quest log for DT 3. No recoveries or email ever set Account has all quests done you'd want done including Desert Treasure, Horror From the Deep, Monkey Madness, RFD up to Addy Gloves, Mage Arena, Elemental Workshop 2 and Death Platue. The Horror From the Deep books are empty. This account has 11 pray to keep the combat as low as possible for staking! I'll be training the strength and range; BEWARE account will be worth more with higher levels. ALL this account needs to have all levels/quests complete for max 1 def gear is 70 range. I am more than willing to use an OMM if you're willing to pay for it. I am the original owner of the account. It has a decent name that has been complimented; No numbers, 2 words equaling 12 letters. The autowin is 45m but that price can be negotiated.
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