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    Selling Decent Tank RangerI know the account isnt very good. But he is still decent. Ive killed a lot of people with him, but recently ive played my main to much. So i never have time for this account anymore. My main has recently ran out of members, so im only asking for 1 rs upgrade. Payment: 1 Rs members upgrade. Stats: Items: Recovs: i will not go first.. ive been a member since 2007, i havent scammed anyone since then and i dont plan now. i'll go first if you are trusted. (by my eyes) Post if you wanna buy, thank you!86+7 10 def Pure [99 range,fletch,fm,Cook][HIGH 90+ Stats]Hi im selling this account, its my first time selling on these forums so if you are interested please leave your because i still don't feel comfortable leaving my info here, ill contact u , I am Looking for All RSGP Positives- -Alsmot all korasi reqs [Except 78 att] -2-3m Bank -Fire Cape -Quests all done [Except for Smoking kills and Korasi] Highlights- -1700+ overall -96 wc -95 str -94 Mage -87 Mining Some Pictures: Membership extended to April 3rd - Thanks For Taking your time to Browse my Offer[rsgp]Sell Zerk cmb 92(+5) and 10def[rsgp]Selling two account that i trained myself for cheap price there decent stats but i don't care much for them because i have a new pure and am in need for some cash on it Yes the zerk got reset was at 99 Cooking also you will notice the skill cape in the bank as well as magic cape(T) Recovery's and Emails will be Deleted Banks are cleaned so i don't expect much Zerker has lunars -99mage -Firecape -Most quest done for rfd i think there only 4 left havent started rfd =( -Full Unholy book -Failed turmoil -Hati paws dont think they do anything now though -DT done ****Took AGS off Him **** A/W not set but i dont expect to get to much for them First off the Zerker Next the 10def -Decent Stats -94 wc -85hunter -90mage/almost/91 -82range/almost 83 -DT done Recovery's and emails will be deleted Gonna be my first time selling here and im not going first unless you pay for use of a OMM or are trustedSelling PRO Boxing STAKER. ( RSGP )Hey Sythe, I'm selling my boxer. Done with staking / this game. I will NOT be going first, And as I am not trusted nor do I have vouchs we will be using an OMM at your expense. Don't like my terms? Leave. This account has 28 Days of membership as of March 23rd. No email set / Has recovs will be provided. Combat level: 80. Contact me via : [email protected] Profits: ^ Last screenie of cash pile on the acc before I cleaned it off, Tyler is one of my friends who doubted I made that much. Thanks guys.selling level 75 with 99 thief and good rsn for rsgp onlyThis is for rsgp only!! pm me for account info like rsn and recovs and what not this account is not members and whats in invi is pretty much its bank besides random junk in the bank Also has DT done![RSGP] Selling Lv 106 PRO Boxer, and Maxed Lv75 [RSGP]I am selling 2 accounts for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. Below are the accounts that i am selling, i will be accepting offers. Here are the accs: First account is my amazing level 75 pure. A/W is 60m. Here are pics. Second account is my lv106 Pro boxer. A/W is 80m. Here are pics. tinypic/r/1zlam92/7 tinypic/r/1zd1wt0/7 If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected] for Pure less than 45 def questedI am looking for a pure preferably initiate zerker or void with rfd done and handcannon. I am willing to swap my main Max Melee 1748 total level 99 range 94 mage. Rfd is done but only 133 qps so only dragon gloves 81 dung but no dung rewards around 2k tokens. DT and MM are done add me [email protected] on Must See! Pure-skiller For Sale!!!!Hi I'm selling a pure that well I got bored of working on, and I don't feel like paying for membership anymore. I will only go first to certain people, and if you want to use an OMM then you will have to pay the fees. A/w- 15m S/b-5m rsgp THE ONLY PAYMENT I WILL TAKE IS RSGP.
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