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    Cb 95 Boxer 1 Summ 1 Prayer 30m Banked!!!!!!Selling a combat lvl 95 1 pray 1 summ!!!! You could see everything on the picture, still a Member for the next month Not going first, do dont add if you think i am. [email protected] - add me for offers++ Selling Amazing Berserker Pure! 99 Str 75 Att Fully Quested Def 99 Mage Veng EtcSup Guys! So i finally decided to sell my pride and joy, my Zerker pure. The reason for me selling this is that i have recently started low level pure pking and i'm enjoying it alot more, I've had this account for a long time and feel its time to move on. This account is almost fully maxed and really rips up most people its own cb level in wildy. The cb level of this account is 90. It has 99 Strength and 99 Mage. It has dragon gloves and is 50 qp away from getting barrow gloves. It has Veng/ancients spellbooks. Its 45 def is fully quested however it was made before the turmoil update so if you want to get turm you will go slightly over 45 defence. It also has 75 attack to wield ags! Here are you some pictures of the account (just click to enlarge them): As you can see this is a very nice account and would be perfect for anyone looking to purchase a zerker pure. I have been a member of sythe since 2008 and have many vouches so this is the real deal. If interested please post on here with your or alternatively add me on at : [email protected] You can also send me a PM via Sythe with any questions etc. Feel free to ask me! There is no Starting Price or Auto Win, just give me an offer and the highest offer i recieve will walk away with the account, please no time wasters or scammers, I'm not stupid and will report anyone who attempts to scam me. Happy Bidding !!74 Pure | One Defence | 93Strength | 89Ranged | 82MagicWelcome to my thread, I am bored of my pure so i am looking or their is someone interested in buying it, or i would like to trade it for a world of warcraft account..) First of all, we will use a MM/OMM. Account has atm recovery's/email set, these will be removed once i find a serious buyer. Account has pretty much no money.. Payment method: Preff paypal if you are verified and a trusted user. Else RSGP wich is $0,70 If you are interested please post/sent me a pm ! We will use a MM, or OMM if you even want. Both will pay 50/50 of fees then.Level 96 Staker - 99 Str 1 Prayer ( 1 2)Hey guys Well lets begin its my account and i leveled it all, and also didnt use a bot to level it all hard work off my back, lots of time at the crabbies and such i will not go first in the trade unless they are trusted members, other wise you will pay for the fees for MM or go first. Lets get started with some pictures Skills Uploaded with CB Uploaded with Warnings Uploaded with ImageShack.usIts got nothing in the bank as i've made a new staking acount but a mage as i prefer that, and also, there are recoveries on it now, i will take them off in time if that's needed.. I'd like resonable bids as this account is a very good staking account and easy to make money, there is no auto win at the moment i will update! thanks alot for reading and Good Luck Bidding! Big[RSGP] Selling 1def pure *94mage 72range* DT DONEyou get what is shown.. + whats in the bank, theres no cash in there, also the subscription will be canceled before purchase. post offersRevolutionX 24/7 300 players NEED ADMIN!!~~~~~ Spawn || 474 || Staff of light || Turmoil || All PK Armour! || Fun spawning || Great hybriding || BIGGEST PK RSPS! Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient Click here to play webclient -SPAWN -HYBRID -CLANS -CHOATICS -PVP ARMOUR -MULTI AND PvP -ACTIVE VBULLETIN FORUMS New RevolutionX Updates -Chaotic Staff, Crossbow, and Kiteshield -Dungeoneering Minigame -Overload Potions (100% working) Come Pk with 1000’s of other people![RSGP] Selling Lvl 87 Starter Zerk - Torso - Unholy Book - DT, MM [RSGP] [A/W 20M]Hey Guys I'm selling my starter Zerk that I have gotten bored of because I dislike defense. It also has quite a bit of membership left as well. Starting Bid 15m A/W 20M : [email protected]_x's Account Shop - Turmoil Rune Pure, Main, Summoning Tank!Hello and welcome to me account shop I've quit runescape and currently need money to buy a vps which i need to use for something so I need money over paypal! So feel free to browse, please buy an account and enjoy TURMOIL RUNE PURE SOLD Main: Lobby: Stats: Pillars: -100+5 Combat One thing to note is that it has unknown wealth due the the fact that i forgot the pin (its being deleted now) it has anything up to 30 mill cash, when i quit it it had around 30 mill on it but i forget whether i traded junk to it or not ... if its not bought within 3 days (or if i remember pin) ill post wealth pics too, for now lets say it has no money on it (im pretty sure there is 20m +) and if you buy it the money is a bonus It has lunar magic and ancients magic -paypal offers please! BARGAIN - Summoning tank Pics: Lobby: Stats: Wealth: Pillars: - This account is a a very low fixed price of $20! the wealth on it alone is worth $10 so really your buying the account for just $10! IT IS 23+6 COMBAT!
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