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    [SWAPorRSGP]RUNE PURE!!!!hey whats up guys, its r3puls1v3 here, since im new to sythe I WILL GO FIRST. i am looking to swap this rune pure for any type of pure WITH 1 DEFENCE, 1-13 pray, 40-50 attk. really hoping that dt is done on it, but if its an f2p pure with 40 attk that will be fine. if you are interested please send me an email or hit me up on . [email protected] this is the account: now i know it has an email on it right now, but when some1 buys it i will take it off ASAP. has 101 quest points, DT done, has rune gloves, crystal bow etc. has no gp on it right now. but please give me your offers here on this thread or just email me at [email protected] thanks guys.Trading level 134 with x7 99 for Turmoil/Dung PureTrading level 134 with x7 99 for Turmoil/Dung Pure(PP/RSGP)Selling 97 CMB Staker ( 1 2)A/W 35 USD Hey, so this is the second of my 3 accounts which are up for sale as i've come to the end of the road with RS. No items except excalibur in bank. Has potential to make millions either boxing or armour staking. I made over 800m profit on this account and have about 1b in screenies for viewing pleasure. Will post a few to wet your appetite. 4 letter name also. Accepting PayPal or RSGP to sell on for PayPal if that makes sense. All other offers will be reported as spam. Has recovs which will be provided when purchased as I cant remove them (have same issue with other accounts im selling) Bid away[RSGP]Looking for Pure[TRUSTED ONLY]Hey everyone, I am looking for a pure w/ these reqs: 60att 80str+ 1-30def 80+range 45-pray 82+mage DT/MM/RFD(Addy) And I will also take other offers aswell. -I will not go first. -If you would like to use OMM or MM its your fees. I am willing to spend 75m or lower. So post offers here. PM. And add my in sig.Practically Giving This Account Away (2x99's)(20mil Buyout.)kk people im gonna sell this account coz i dont want it anymore im lookin for 20-25 mil for it. here are some pics: i will change the e-mail and give the answers to the recoveries whe a buyer has been found. i will go first if you have 50+ vouches. if not we will use a middle man, you will pay feesSelling Dscim/Dds Pure - QUESTED - Cb 61 - ALMOST 1 MONTH MEMB LEFT![RSGP ONLY] Hey guys I'm here to sell my beloved Dscim/Dds pure. The reason I'm selling it is because I found out I suck at pking and members is too expensive for me. This account has some beast stats for its level, 75 strength especially. Also, there is still almost a whole month worth of membership left on the account, get bidding!Sell My Amazing AGS 86 1Defence Pure/Dt/Addy Gloves/99Magic/98Strength[swap][paypal]Hello, first of all I am here selling my level 86 Firecape AGS pure [Fully quested] I'm looking for RSGP only, I am legit and I will NOT go first unless you're VERY trusted otherwise we will use an OMM, split expenses. If you're here to try and scam do not bother I have been in the RScommunity for over 9years and i'm over pures i'm played my maxed main again. Account is now a member WITHOUT a 50M bank, still has all quest items.. firecape, addy gloves etc. My is [email protected] feel free to offer below. I'm also having trouble posting my photos without a link if someone could help it would be appriciatedselling this awesome account !!so if anyone wanna buy it just give me a call [email protected]
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