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    Selling Low Level Zerk PureCOMBAT LEVEL : 76 60 att 72 str 45 def 71 rng 43 pray 82 mage 69 constituion 85 HUNTER 99 FIREMAKING. Has "Desert Treasure" done."Monkey Madness" done."Animal Maginstine" done. "Horror From The Deep" done. DEFENCE IS ALL QUESTED. MESSAGE ME FOR OFFERS ON ACCOUNT.[RSGP]Looking for low level ags pure[PayPal] ( 1 2)Hey sythe, looking to buy a low level ags pure. Needs 1 def, nothing above 75 attack and atleast 25 prayer. The account does not need any money. No recoveries/email. [email protected] 1 def pure turmoil pure or turm/low pray zerk(rsgp)Buying a 1 def pure with Dt mm and mith or addy gloves trusted sellers only use mm omm or Ill go first to trusted. Others post ur offers My is [email protected] post here first i got alot of gpLevel 91 allrounder with 99 cooking + more!Hi i just want to sell my good old runescape account, its pretty good . games dont interest me anymore so I think i should get rid of it. Total level is 1103 Stats:75 atk, 75 str, 74 def,74 hp, 60 range, 44 pray, 75 mage, 85 woodcut, 99 cook, ect..(check video link bellow) An overveiw of my account can be seen on youtube! youtube/watch?v=DzCE6uFNhQs PLEASE POST OFFERS FOR ACCOUNT![RSGP]Selling Zerker 99 Str Full void [RSGP]sold.[Selling 90dung Pure +Mith Gloves Level 72]Pics: A/W:30Mil HMU In :[email protected] (Also has 2months+ Of membership)~~UNDERPRICED~~ Account Shop!!! Incredibly high con stakers!!!what are you talking about stranger?[PAYPAL][SELLING] Low level 64 CB 1 DEF DT DONE [PAYPAL][SELLING]]Selling this amazing pure! Great staker, great pker! Very versatile and has all attack/prayer levels quested. Has no RFD progress however you can just buy regen braces (same thing). Skills/Bank worth: Log in : [email protected] A/w: 2000$ (lol) hit me up on !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.