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    selling half completed range tank.Hey guys' I'm selling range tank, I was going to get it completed, but got bored and its' just been sitting here now so i have no need for it. the starting bid is at 10m I will only go first if you have vouches. If not sorry you have to go first.[SWAP,RSGP] 94Range 60Def PURE!Selling this account. Leave me with some offers Pm or : [email protected] Looking to swap for a legit pure or RSGP. - has dragon gloves, dragon defenders, full zammy book[RSGP]20M[RSGP]Selling AMAZING Starter Zerker (Lunars, Ancients) [RSGP]20M[RSGP]The account is 20M i will go first, there are current recoverys i will tell them too you and everything. I'll tell when account was made and so on. No email though. Uhhmm alright all im excepting is rsgp,or paypal. A/w: 20M Starting Bid: 20M PayPal A/w:25Dollars. If you go paypal it's 25 dollars, your first, or find a MM MM- Either you go first, or find and pay for a trusted MM yourself. Recoverys in order----- Recovery 1 - Question1- Sythe1- Answer1- SytheOrg1 Recovery 2 - Question2- Sythe2- Answer2- SytheOrg2 Recovery 3 - Question3- Sythe3- Answer3- SytheOrg3 Recovery 4 - Question4- Sythe4- Answer4- SytheOrg4 Recovery 5 - Question5- Sythe5- Answer5- SytheOrg5 ADD MY : [email protected][STAKER]lvl 97 Staker [RSGP / PayPal]40M is autowin or 30$ via PayPal. : [email protected] Maxed 60 attack 42 def turmoiler, 99 str, 99 Range,99 Mage,92 summoning!96CB ( 1 2)This is the most amazing turmoil pure you will ever see, It's nearly maxed with all combat stat's for a rune pure being 99 except hp at 96 combat! (96+12 p2p) This account also has 99 herblore with LOADS OF POTIONS LEFT OVER IN BANK INCLUDING 1k+ OVERLOADS! and 92 summoning! This account is just all around amazing with a 1,900+ Total level. Comes with fire cape, full void, CHAOTIC STAFF! Arcane stream, Rigour prayer unlocked, 21mill and much more!! Please note: I am only selling for CASH and ONLY via playerup(They accept PayPal and Credit Card payments) To buy please follow this link(Also please read very bottom of post for further understanding as to how you are 100% safe from me ever recovering): playerup/offer/...6-cb-52384096/ Price: $ 310 USD (VIA ONLY!) You will not find a perfect 60 attack turmoiler this good with as much time invested into it for any less. Stats: 21mill+ comes with the account!: Tons of untradeables for you to use and enjoy!(full unholy book worth 25m+!): Potions: 31+ Effigies in bank for a ton of xp in whatever you wish!: Lunar Diplomacy and Desert treasure done(231 Quest points on account!) As a bonus Group Vengeance and Disruption shield also unlocked!: And ofcourse, Turmoil prayer! (Account also has rigour prayer unlocked): The Account has no email, but Recoveries are impossible to remove thanks to jagex update, I will provide the answers to you when you purchase the account: This account is totally clean and safe as well so have no worries: For anyone worried about accounts being recovered, please read the following: has my photo ID, and my address and other personal information. If i were to recover an account and you report me to them for it they would pursue legal action against me. Not to mention they have buyer insurance where if an account is recovered they refund you your money in market credits to purchase another account of the same price. Also I'd supply you with previous passwords, Transaction ID, where i created the account, ISP created under, and the recovery answers ( if account has recovery questions set to use until you set your own) upon purchase.[RSGP][PP][Trusted] Downfall V2's Account Thread!I will restock as I get more. I have 35+ vouches so if you buy an account off me, you don't have to fear recovery! I'm more than happy to allow MM to do recovery checks. Account 1: SOLD Account 2: Perfect barrows pure, with FDK capabilties. It also has a rapier. 2+ months membership A/W 75m Account 3: Starter Obby maul pure 12.5m A/w Account 4: 80 dung, Veteran cape, rubber chicken, yoyo, will be 85 dung. A/w 60m Account 5: NOW OFFERING CONSIGNMENT SALES! I can help you sell your account for a small fee. Pm me if interested! Pm me here or add [email protected] on if you want to discuss anything![RSGP]Rune Pure F2P Pker! [RSGP]Hello selling this great rune pure f2p pker! 75COMBAT! 85Range 84Str 46Attk 66Mage 38Pray 74Hp Additional stats 65Theiving 82Wc 68Farming - Dragon slayer done. C/o: ? A/W: ? Pm me on forum or my Hit me up on if your interested. [email protected] Will delete Email when someone ends up buying it. Can use MM if you pay.{RSGP}Chicken suit account{RSGP}Hey Sythe im selling my chicken suite account today! Its really not that good its ok stats 353k GP A/W:15m RSGP I can upload pics atm but i can prove on Runescape pm me your name and ill add you on runescape.
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