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    [W.U]selling my rune pure 86+6 combat [W.U]hey guys, i've worked long and hard on this account buuut i've been very inactive and i'm often tempted to start playing again. but between having a 2 year old daughter and a full time job it's time to let it go, i'd like to get $50 usd via western union, but i'm also open to taking offers.. i'm going to want to speak over the phone to ensure the trade goes well and smoothly, and to avoid being tricked or manipulated by some kid in a chat box. as you can see its not a stripped down scammer account, its just an account that i lost interest in playing and i'm just looking to get some extra gas money for it honestly. i havent played in about 4 months and that's really it. you can contact me through facebook, my name is payne aderholt. or you can call me at 727 623 7645. im hoping for a honest mature and clean trade. ok so all my screen shots are up, please contact me if interested Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with me and my daughter, her name is Fraya :) Uploaded with[Turmoil Zerker] Combat 83, 95 Prayer, 99 Cooking, 94 Magic, Own G Altar [PayPal]Im selling this account cause i stopped playing rs, and havent been online on rs for like a year. Many quests done like MM, DT etc. Not the quest for new prayers yet but defence is fully quested. With 20M wealth in total. Interested? Add, [email protected] No autowin, just offer, PAYPAL ONLY.THE PERFECT PURE l 66CB l 99 RANGE l [RSGP][PP+WU]THE PERFECT PURE l 66CB l 99 RANGE l [RSGP][PP+WU] For sale is my range pure, it owns pretty much everyone at its level, for those people who instantly want to rule the Wilderness well here you go. Ive hit 400-400 multiple times with the dark bow special. This account is great for those instant KOs!. I am looking for about 70m but am open to offers please add me on to discuss: [email protected] Payment: RSGP, Paypal, Western Union I may go first if you are trusted Upon purchase you will receive : Login, Current Password, First and Second passwords, ISP, Creation Date, first membership details. Thanks alot for looking and any questions feel free to message meselling decent staker / 90 strength , 99 firemakinghello , just selling my account i don't use anymore no recoveries email will be changed if serious buyer every detail will be given if interested - [email protected] - thankyou.Selling a Lvl 93 Zerker PureHey guys I'm selling my Berserker Pure NO BLACK MARKS or nothing like that got about 1-3m bank dragon gloves, mm done, lunar and ancient unlocked. I'm looking for RSGP or $$, I may also accept in game items. Also you go first or use OMM at your expense Add : [email protected] My reason for selling is that I do not play on this account anymore and want some cash for my other account 76 Atk 90 Str 45 Def 94 Magic 88 Range 87 Hp 52 Prayer Also has 99 thieving and some other moderately okay stats Stats Pic Bank Picselling pure level 87 99 mage RSGPlooking for around 60-80m (how do i post screen shots)?Buying Account with Roving Elves...Hey, im buying 5-10 accounts with Roving Elves completed as well as 69 summoning. Those are the only requirements. Willing to pay more for multiple account sales at once. Post below or pm Using verified mm unless you trusted.|RSGP| lvl 65 dds purewell i have a dicing addiction i need to fund lol so im selling this can use omm at ur fee acc has no recoverys no email ect. pictures is in my signature.
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