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    Buying Handcannon PureEither Buying Handcannon Pure Or Another Pure - Please State Below What You Have! Im offering this for one sythe/showthread.php?t=1204274 This account has been price checked at about 45-50m[RSGP/PP] 95+5 good main!SOLD TO gonzom11! Very trusted guy!Buying Good PuresBuying good pures for my main, Account has the following items: Torso Full Void (Melee + Range Set) Dragon + Rune Defenders Dragon Hatchet Alot of holiday items Clue scrolls Enough shards ect for atleast 75 summoning I loved pking with this account, can get some nice hit's and kills... Buying Near Reality Items / Account, I'm offering my RS account level CB level 105 F2P (111 P2P), Here are the pictures: Please note, the bank now has over 1m cash & still the dragon hatchet. PM Me ingame on NRPK or post in here or add - [email protected] This account has been price checked at 55m![RSGP] Selling 43 def pure acc [RSGP]Close plz, solled on MMOExchange with my other 2 accounts for 35mNeed a Pure[=""] [=""] [=""] I am wanting to swap this account for a pretty good pure account this account has pretty good stats and a good amount of money to work with, those 8050 arrows are rune also. reply to this thread if your interested THANKSlvl 82 hand cannon pureits name is LUV 4 M0NEY if you want to search stats with a zero not an o. leave offers here. only trading with honest people with good vouches. vouch thread sythe/showthread.php?t=1012896 or message me at [email protected] Nice 78cb Whip Staker! 10m!Stats: Login: Ready to go. No recovs, e-mail address the accounts named after comes with purchase. Feel free to offer however much you want. C/O = 2m A/W = 10m95+6 Zerker 80 Att|99 Str|89 Rng|97 Magic|Full ZammyBook|ETC!{RSGP|Paypal}This is my Zerker and I don't use it anymore. This account is 100% mine! All info will be given to the buyer, I am not here to scam anyone. I have used sythe for a few years now here and there thats why my post count is so low. If you really want to look back into my posts you can see I have never scammed anyone. Oh almost forgot to add this The account can get b gloves and ancient prayers with 45 defense still! Just hasn't been quested yet. A/W : 80m/$40 Current Bid : 40m Contact me at : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.