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    99 str 70 att 70 def 99 combat**** beast staker 40mil ingame for him.This account is 99 str 70 def 70 att 34 pray and is 99 combat, beast at staking I would like 40 mil ingame but some money over paypal will work too..... My email is [email protected] I have , we can talk when the deal "goes down" if you would like. If you are interested please email me.(RSGP)Selling Amazing Zerker(60 attack, 2 Letter name, 95 prayer) ( 1 2)This acc is beast pker, everything u would need to pk with including 99 range, 94 mage, and one of the few 60 attack zerkers. It is amazing at rushing! Also good at hybriding, both protect and non protect worlds. Good At everything We will OMM if you are not willing to go first. You must pay fee. Taking RSGP or paypal. S/B is 75 or 100mil dallors. a/w 300 mil Anything less will be counted as spam. Any bid must be 10 mil higher than the previous one Pictures: [email protected][$50 Donor][40+ Vouches] Buying FULLY QUESTED D Scim/Dds with 13 Pray [RSGP] ( 1 2)Contact Information [email protected] Private Message HERE Account MUST Have: 60 Attack, 90+ Str, 1 Defense, 80+ Range, 80+ Magic, 1 Summoning, 13 Prayer ALL pure quests done (MM, DT, RfD (ADDY GLOVES), Horror from Deep, Animal Magnetism, ETC. You MUST be Original Owner Provide all info about the account NOT be a newcomer/member and have fewer than 10 Vouches Agree to use an OMM at your expense, if necessary Post on this thread before PMing me or adding me on [RSGP]Buying Account 57+ Summoning [RSGP]Hey, i'm looking for a account to buy with 57+ Summoning for RSGP. I'm looking for a price of around 5M-10M(max). Thankyou. :Fraser.Woodman :[email protected] Thanks.[rsgp]selling my pure 60 78 1 85 31 82 with 84 hunt 59 farm [rsgp]selling my good hybrid i cant post pics atm... its got over 1k total level and im currently training for addy gloves but i just cba with pures anymore, wanna work on my staker but need cash on him, post here if u wanna see the pure in game im on for abit it has 6 stats 70+ which include thief =D this account was done legit and is a mint pker.. i just dont have the patience anymore =[ needs questing so low sale price 20m a/w will take 10/15m thoLevel 73 Hybrid w/ 99 range and +5m cash/itemsSelling my pure because im bored of pking and want to continue owning it up on my main. Has completed Desert Treasure and Monkey Madness. I will not go first. Sorry guys im tired of getting scammed. email is in my sig. Lets get a starting price! s1143.photobucket/albums/ ^^picture^^ RSGP ONLY![rsgp 2m] selling acc with all 4 hats n scarves reindeer hat and wintumber tree+lunarrsgp, exactly what title says, holiday event acc with lunars at 95 combat, only 70 magic tho =[Swapping My Combat 131 For A Decent PureA/W 200M Hey im getting rid of my 131. I'am its orginal owner. I will be trading it in for a summoing tank or i ill just sell it for rsgp. i wrote down A/W summoing tank. Acc is fully quested. I just really want a summoing tank . i51.tinypic/2nrpyf7.png i54.tinypic/14y8v1x.png i55.tinypic/24loc9v.png i56.tinypic/35mp3pe.jpg i55.tinypic/6jjarb.png There is email but i dont know email because i set 3 years or something ago i set its recvs but recvs will be cancled if you are really concerd i can take out the EMAIL. By that i mean lock up the acc
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