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    [Donor] Selling Initiate Pure. Rune Gloves, Slayer Helm, F Cape + MORE! [RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey guys. It is time for me to sell this beast. It was great fun to Pk on but pking is not what it used to be. I removed all the wealth so please disregard the 37m wealth that is on the account. Basically there is junk in the bank and the torso, f cape, slayer helm, rune gloves, etc. I will be selling this for RSGP and RSGP only. I did not make this clear but the original owner of this account is SYTHE MOD: Farcast! sythe/member.php?u=180054 This account is GUARANTEED to NEVER be recovered back. Proof he is the original owner: Quote: Originally Posted by Farcast Vouch for Trinityy. Great guy, bought my initiate pure for 160M RSGP. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Pureown verified ingame trinityy does indeed have the accounts, any further accusations will be applied with an appropriate infraction. Combat level 90 + 6 Login (Email + Recovs will be removed once I find a serious buyer) Stats + Wealth (WEALTH WAS REMOVED. F CAPE, TORSO, SLAYER HELM, RUNE GLOVES STILL REMAIN): A few side notes: -I am ONLY accepting RSGP. No if's,ands, or buts. -I realize the account has 21 Defence, it has not gained me a single combat level whatsoever from 20-21. If you post anything saying "Failed pure" or something off topic you WILL be infracted. -You can go first OR we will use an OMM of my picking and you will pay the fees. I will only go first to mods or admins. -Please post offers here before PMing me. -There is no A/W for the account and I will update the leading offer regularly. Leading Bid: 80m (Beef Jurrkey) Happy Bidding, -Trinityy. Quote: Originally Posted by Pureown verified indeed trinityy does indeed have the accounts, any further accusations will be applied with an appropriate infraction.Turmoil Zerker for SaleOld love you post..Selling Level 69 PureHello, I am looking to sell this pure for RSGP, as I rarely use it now, and would like to get some cash to help get my main going again. Please post offers, and add my . Will NOT be going first, I may not have posted before, But ive lurked for years and i know what goes on. OMM will be used at your cost [email protected] claw Twins-Dt Done RSGP,SWAPTitle says it all really, me and my twin went our seperate ways and here to offer you guys these accounts, sellig for rsgp only in hope to start a summoning pure. If any of you have a good staker, main, summoning pure or a rich skiller with stats i will be willing to give these accounts for it. Stats - Stats 2 - Quests - Aw for on account - 25m or get both for 40m! Add my - [email protected] Willing to use OMM at your fees, so don't give me this bullcrap about finding your own normal mm. Update - acc now has 25 pray to prot claws not levelling cb, sw ftw Skillers [hot]*Account #1 - Range Tank - Lvl 84 - DT Ready - 97 WC (AWESOME Skiller) - Will remove recoveries when someone is interested - P2P till 4/30 - Can provide all Pins - A/W 60M Account - #2 - Ranger/ DDS - Lvl 64 - Great PKer - P2P Till 5/17 - Can provide all Pins - No Recs or Email - A/W 40M Account - #3 - DDS/Claw Rusher - Good start for a claw rusher - F2P - Will remove recoveries if anyone's interested - A/W 20M A Official Middle Man will be used for ALL trades. - [email protected]
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