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    Zetoan's Pure and Skiller Shop!Hey ! Im going to open up a pure/skiller shop, but i want to make sure i please a majority of people looking for pures, what pures/skiller would you like to see!?!!?!?! Some pures I can think of are: range pure, dragon claw pure, obby mauler, range tank, dbow rusher, obby tank, rune/gravite 2her, and the list goes on! for skillers what skills do you want the highest?!? PLEASE POST WHICH ONES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE!!! THANK YOU! sorry for the spelling/grammar. And mods, as soon as i get feed back i will erase this text and add info about my shop, the account pictures and prices etc!Selling lvl 58 Pure - 99 Woodcutting -- Selling Level 58 pure - Owns in wildy, Great Steaker Only Acepting RSGP Post on thread your offer [email protected] for more info. Quote: Originally Posted by Add My Vouch for Upgrade Bud, bought an upgrade from him for 9m.[RSGP] 3 acc sale!Hi, It's me Artzio, selling 3 accounts. *Account 1* SOLD *Account 2* :// dium :// dium :// edium :// m :// dium A/W 1m *Account 3* :// es=medium :// res=medium :// ium :// res=medium :// medium A/W 3m Email will be removed/changed when found a buyer. Email: [email protected][RSGP]Selling Skiller with 92 Dung and 700k tokens.[RSGP]BlablaBuying all Accounts with DT finished 4M+for bots, heres what im paying Desert Treasure complete - 4M Desert Treasure complete + 50 construction - 6M post or pm my is [email protected] Two level 3's WITHOUT email Login!!Post offers on prices in form of RSGP. Will think about buying skillers, but no combat stats please.Buying Decent Obby MaulerBUYING DECENT OBBY MAULER. PAYING 10M 1ATTK 60STR 1 DEF 1-20PRAYER 40+ RANGE 1-40+MAGE THANKS PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMETHING.[RSGP] Level 5. - 8 str - 99 Fishing - 19m Fishing exp - Can play RSC!Hi guys. I'm selling one my old accounts I botted sharks on in the past. I recently made it member again to bot, but havent. The account is just sitting here and it's going to collect dust. I haven't uploaded an offense history. It has NO BLACKMARKS. And virtually nothing in the bank as well. Current Bid: 20m I wont go first. RSGP ONLY - no swaps, no pp No s/b or a/w yet Looking for quite a bit for this account It's a USERNAME login The email is registered, but to what email I don't know. If you think I'll recover it, then dont post Currently a member, as seen in the picture. Can play on RSC Has a one word username thats a regular word, and to me it's rare. Post for a pm for the name Any other questions just ask. All profit will be sent towards my 200m cooking exp goal, so thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.