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    [Trusted][Selling Nearly Maxed 20def pure][Cheap][Great Stats]I'm selling a almost maxed 20 def pure. Combat level is 99,crazy PKer and staker. Rune gloves, lost city quest/lunars/monkey madness Account has not been botted. I believe im fairly trusted for you to go first but if not, we can do OMM at your costs. Post your offer and before adding me [email protected] I can take either RSGP or PP but i count rsgp as .65/M Current offer: $90.00 USD (Gold4rs)F2p Range 2h Pure ~CHEAP~ [Paypal]This is an f2p range 2h pure as stated. Stats are decent, not omfg great but decent. I'm accepting paypal cash only, it will be gifted with a message along the lines of I have received my virtual goods and I do not need a refund. As you can see there's no recoveries, no email, no blackmark's as well.. Combat is 62 I'm looking for around $13, no lower. Yes, I have low posts, yes I don't have any vouches, but we all gotta start somewhere don't we? Looking forward to doing business with anyone interested.2 sick pures! 93 str acc 99 range acc!selling 2 pures both with 1 defence. BOTH NO RECOVERIES OR EMAIL! (both done mm) i will not go first to many scammers. no omm unless you want to pay for one. both acc's will start at 20m looking for 40 for each or ill do both for 65-70. as with all my accounts and trades i will provide a one month membership when a deal is done. reason for selling ive made a staker/boxer. Pics of proof! 99 range acc. 93 str acc. Send me your 's and bid on here Happy Bidding guys.Xxxxx......... Freee Account!!!! 88 Mage, 90 Strength!! ........xxxxxUSERNAME: Pk3r Bros99 PASSWORD: adminisshit ENJOY![donator,trusted, 55+ vouches]lvl 67 gmaul pure.Avas attractor.[RSGP]Avas attractor is only good quest it has.Decent bank. no recovs/email. Starting bet:20m. AW:50m add my [email protected]>>>[RSGP][PP] Selling Level 91 Rapier Pure. 96 Str.[PP] [RSGP]>>>>>>>>>Combat 91>>>>>>>>>HitPoints 91>>>>>>>>>Attack 80>>>>>>>>>Strength 96>>>>>>>>>Defense 1>>>>>>>>>Range 90>>>>>>>>>Prayer 52>>>>>>>>>Magic 94>>>>>>>>>Summoning 38view.php?pic=10moi1z&s=7[PAYPAL]Lvl 107 Pker. 4 99's OVERLOADS,3 CHAOTICS,99 DUNG, 99 HERB, 99 AGI 99 STR 60MPayment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 200m or 130$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will NOT go first . You go first otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [[email protected]] The account has VENG, BARRAGE, TELEBLOCK, and is basically a zerker killer. If you get 70 defence you can wear ahrims to basically beat the crap out of any zerker hybrid your level. It is also 138k exp from 99 str. Happy Bidding![Details Inside]Looking to Buy a Pure[RSGP]Hello everyone! I made a thread not to long ago stating that I wanted to buy a pure, no specifics. See thing is, now I do HAVE specifics. So here they are Stats Attack: Anywhere from 1 - 70 Defence: Anywhere from 1 - 20 Strength: Anywhere from 1 - 99 Range: 99 Magic: Anywhere from 1 - 99 Prayer: Anywhere from 1 -99 Combat: Anywhere from 75 - 99 All other Stats: I don't really care much for any other stats but would prefer for them not to be terrible :/ Quests Monkey Madness: Must be completed! Desert Treasure: Must be completed! All other Quests: Generally irrelevant unless a very rewarding quest. I currently have: 30mil to spend (Will have more & more as I gain more money). Thanks to everyone who offers!
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