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    Cheap Account decent stats! Looking to get about 5-10m for it to get back on my feet in the game The account has no email or recoverys I am origional owner of the account! : [email protected] post here b4 messaging me on pls! Thx!Selling fully quested lvl 75 hybrid, 99 range! Unholy book! ( 1 2)Hi guys, I'm selling my hybrid for RSGP, I am not the original owner of this account. I have had this account for months now, and I think it's time to part with it. The recoveries and email are both mine, and I will remove when I find a serious buyer. Edit: The account was rolled back as you can see, it was originally 93 str and 85 mage, I chinned 74-99 range after the roll back. It doesn't look like its done DT lol, but it has! Account is now 89 hp and 76 cb! Edit: I just accidently got 2 def on it =/ DAMNIT! Current offer: $40. A/W: Not set. TOS: You go first May use OMM/VMM at YOUR expense 50/50 Don't try to scam me, I've been here a while. With that said, heres the account! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Lvl 74 pure 95 RangeHey I Am Selling This Lvl 74 Pure I Will be Taking RSGP. Starting Bid - 10M Current Bid -Nearly Maxed TURM pure 99 str/mage/99DUNG!If youd like to buy it, post on here, or PM me on sythe. Any questions, feel free to ask!selling level 93 account ★3 letter name★ 2 99's! ★ fire cape ★Selling this Good account,CHEAP! Login: Bank: Stats: Will be using MM,it does have recovery and email but they will be taken off! My [email protected] i have all info for the account!Selling Level 75 [Paypal][Rsgp]Close[RSGP] Selling Lvl 71 Pure | DT | 99 Mage | 99 Thieving | MoreSelling this level 71 pure, because i don't play ont it anymore. The account has no recoveries and email set, has DT done, and has done Rfd up to Mith gloves. No A/W Has been set, if you are interested or have any questions PM me or add my : [email protected] i54.tinypic/5y9q41.pngselling lvl 89 staking accountHi Guys, I'm selling my lvl 89 staking account because I'm going back to college in about 2 weeks so I'm trying to get rid of it. RS is a bad influence on my work ethic, haha. Currently the account has about 1m in items in the bank, rune defender, and a vesta longsword (deg). The vls is only about 3/4 used so please consider it in your offer (they go for around 38-42m fully charged). I'm looking for rsgp so I can stash it away on another account until I'm ready to play again. Please post any offers, below are a few images:
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