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    [Selling] 90 Ranged, 1 prayer, 2 def + skills [PP]Sold for 40$ to fuzz Combat 64 accounts i've sold before sythe/showthread.php?t=1106959 sythe/showthread.php?t=1063423 sythe/showthread.php?t=1075401Selling CB lvl 68I am selling my noob account. I got over 50 mill in bank (proof) And heres a list of the skills I got. Selling Amazing 94cb 5 98's, 2 99s! 1800+ TotalI will post more pics if I decide to tell, the account will be stripped of everything but quest/holiday items. This account has vet cape, and I am the original owner. Completed quests: desert treasure legends heroes monkey madness some other random ones about 132QPLvl 67 with 96 range 85 const 62 atk 74 stri691.photobucket/albums/v...g?t=1305665363 make an offer. will also take rs cashSelling Lvl 82 acc W/ 99 Mining!! 80 firemaking etc..Yea, i decided to start on a new f2p pure, im only taking rsgp, you go first, and we do in increments, there are no recoveries, no bank pin, there is a registered email, but i will change that to your email once the deal is started, the acc has mith gloves, not that high of combat stats, but i think the 99 mining makes up for it Goodluck, have fun, pm me on here starting bid is 10 mil, i also have another acc with 91 mining on it. im taking rsgp or paypal nowLooking For Pure!The Pure Must have 60 attack 85+ Str 1 defence (if more must be quested) Range 85+ Mage 82+ with DT Done. Prayer max of 52. ill be swapping for this account, email and email adress will be provided on deal.Selling Fully quested 20 defence pure. [CLICK]Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. Pictures Post offers.Selling fantastic pure!! Tell me offers.Selling my account Its a good pure tbh look for yourself. Send me your Offers but im looking for 15m+ Rsn: Vava Voom Quests done: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Stats : [​IMG] Combat:82
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.