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    selling lvl 95 99 str 15m rsgpguys im selling this lvl 95 99 str ac for 15m rsgp will give all info. [email protected] lvl 95 99 str..[$10 paypal]im selling this lvl 95 has 99 str 71 att 70 deff good acount to pk on all other stats are 1 50 mining. will give all details and everything. does have email and recoverys but i dont ever play runescape anymore. my is [email protected] add meSelling My Void Ranger 77cbHey everyone, im selling my range tank eventually after becoming bored ranging and much prefer my zerker now. RSGP offers please Willing to use OMM if you pay fees, otherwise you go first unless i see you as trusted. STATS LOGIN No bank pic as the items left on this account will not be worth over 1m, just arrows and other gear to start you off. There is some members gear on there but the membership has ran out as you can see. PM me or post here for my contact details.Selling MAXED 1 Def Rapier Pure! All Quests & Items! Fire Cape, Crystal Bow 4x99's ( 1 2)Hi there, thanks for checking out my page I am selling my chaotic rapier pure. This is my baby, the only pure which ive been able to maintian perfectly without any mistakes. Im in the proccess of selling all my accounts to make money for staking so I will be acceping only RSGP or Paypal from trusted members. Here are the stats Inventory of Important items! And the awsome Rapier Front Page: Pillars Heres the Bank. Its loaded with pking supplies, weapons, pots, food, armour. Easily worth over 10M, i check some in the thingy Ok so there it is. I know how much this account is worth because of all the work I put into it. Not botted a single second. So im setting A/W: 200M You must post before you message me or add me on : [email protected] Please leave your also so i know it you.beastly f2p rune pure!!!!! [cheap] [rsgp]lvl 68 RUNE PURE. RECOVS ARE SET BUT I WILL PROVIDE ALL INFORMATION ON THIS ACCOUNT NEEDED. I JUST WANT SOME QUICK RSGP. Please offer. A/W = 5M !!!!!buying pure rs gold or paypalbuying a pure 1 def no more..fully quested 60 plus att..high mage..needs to have dt, rfd, mm. we will use omm at your expense unless your very trusted. post some offers or pm me ill be on later.[SWAPS] Buying hand cannon pure 95+ range any def lower than 42 [SWAPS]I am willing to swap my 111cb chaotic barrows pure main for a decent hand cannoner, i will post some pics of my main up here, it has barrows gloves, full range void, fighter torso, crystal bow, CHAOTIC RAPIER, 20k tokens left and much more items... email is deleted and i will delete recovs if you tell me how to pm me if you need anymore info, i am also willing to give a little bit of cash also depending on how good the acc is @@@@@Selling lv82 chaotic pure!!!paypal or rsgp ( 1 2)Hey guys, I'm selling my accounts for rsgp offers or paypal. If you don't want to go first please pay fees for an OMM. Auto win for all is: 300m or $150 Chaotic Pure: Initiate-almost handcannon-pure (76cb) Mauler Main Low level range tank add me at [email protected] or post offers here. Thanks
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